The Pairs Competition

Registrations will open on Saturday at the tournament when the first teams have finished their 6v6 fixtures (weather permitting). 
There will be limited spaces and pre-registration is not possible. 
Men; Women; Mixed Leagues£14 per team. - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
The pairs competition is a popular event, providing extra play around the main tournament.  It is run as an additional competition for the players in the 6s tournament who are also interested in playing 2v2.  
Registration for the 2v2 competition will open once teams have begun to finish their 6v6 matches. This is expected to start around 3pm.
 Format & Rules:
  • There will be 3 leagues in the 2v2 tournament, Men, Women and Mixed.
  • Each player can only enter one league. 
  • Maximum number of teams per league is 18.
  • All players will be added to a WhatsApp group upon registration in order to be notified of fixtures.

  • Teams may register for the 2v2 competition at the main tent as soon as they have finished their 6v6 matches for the day. Teams will not be permitted to register if their 6v6 teams still have scheduled matches to play.
  • The two players in each team must be available to play their preliminary rounds at registration, this is to prevent any unnecessary waiting time for the other players in the league and the tournament from being over-run.  
  • Matches will start once a group of 3 teams in the same league are available to play a triangular fixture.
  • Each team must be prepared to play the semi-finals around 8am on Sunday morning if they get through, though we may run the semi’s after the preliminary rounds on Saturday if time allowed. 
  • Any team failing to turn up for their fixtures within 15 minutes will forfeit the match, at the preliminary rounds or the semi-finals on Sunday morning, no refund will be made, and the win will be awarded to their opponent.

  • The 2v2 is a knock out tournament in a triangular format, where each team plays 2 matches and referees one match. ie. Games are to be refereed and scored by the team which is not playing. 
  • Each match will be ONE set to 21 points. Matches must be won by 2 clear points.
  • Play will be as per FIVB Beach Volleyball Rules.
  • Results are to be submitted by the winning team.
  • The team from the triangular with the most wins proceeds to the next round. If there is a tie, the winning team will be decided on total points difference.
  • Each Semi-final match will be a minimum of one set to 21 points, played either on Saturday if time allowed, or 8am on Sunday morning.
  • The 2v2 Finals will be run after the 6v6 tournament on Sunday, providing a great end of our volleyball event.  These will be played in a best-of-3 set format.

* All rules and formats are subject to change due to weather conditions, number of teams entered, and 6v6 scheduling.
£14 per pair, to be paid at registration on Saturday 3rd August.
Please have your 2v2 team name, contact details, 6v6 team name (league and division) and court number of both players ready.