C-SPAN Classroom Featured Resources

Below are collections of C-SPAN Classroom resources organized by various topics and themes. Additional C-SPAN Classroom resources can be found on the C-SPAN Classroom website.

New Featured Resources Sites

U.S. Government and Civics Resources

Campaign 2020 Resources

  • Campaign 2020 Site- This site features video resources showcasing the 2020 presidential election. Topics include the presidential election process, current and historical examples of the process, videos of the candidates and issues being discussed during the campaign.

History Resources

Additional Content Areas

  • AP Human Geography- Geography resources organized by the seven units found in the AP Human Geography course.

  • Comparative Government- Featuring resources with overviews of types of government and examples of how countries around the world implement these governments.

  • English and Literature- Resources categorized by author, literary history and analysis.