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  • Our American Presidents website is your guide to our nation's commanders-in-chief, from George Washington to Joe Biden! Find biographies, video resources, and life facts that tell the stories of their lives & presidencies. All in one easy-to-browse website! Use this resource alongside our Presidents Featured Resources site.

Below are collections of C-SPAN Classroom resources organized by various topics and themes. Additional C-SPAN Classroom resources can be found on the C-SPAN Classroom website.

U.S. Government and Civics Resources

U.S. and State History Resources

Additional Content Areas

Other Resources

  • University Level Resources- A variety of resources for college and university students, including those related to U.S. and World History, U.S. Government, and economics.

  • Campaign 2022- This website provides C-SPAN Classroom video resources explaining the various aspects of the election process for midterm elections, including federal elections and state gubernatorial races.

Advanced Placement (AP) Resources