Classes Visual Art

Art I

Art II


  • Yearlong
  • Grades 10-12
  • Satisfies a Fine Art or Elective Requirement
  • Course Fee: $18.50 and sketchbook
  • Prerequisite: Successful completion of Advanced Art I
  • Elements of design and construction techniques will be further developed in the three disciplines. A student portfolio demonstrating the progression of knowledge and skills will be kept. Art aesthetics, art history, and art criticism are an intricate part of this course and will be developed through class discussions, student and teacher critiques, and student presentations.

AP Studio Art

  • Yearlong
  • Grades 11- 12
  • Satisfies a Fine Art or Elective Requirement
  • College credit can be earned with score of 3 or higher on AP test given in May.
  • Course Fee: $18.50
  • Prerequisite: Teacher Approval
  • A college-level program for highly motivated students committed to studying art after high school. Students produce a 24-piece portfolio following the guidelines described by the National College Board. Scoring by the National College Board may allow credit and/or placement beyond beginning art courses in college. This is a weighted class for class rank purposes.

Independent Study in Art

  • 1 Semester
  • Grades 11-12
  • Satisfies 0.5 of the Fine Art or Electrical Requirement
  • Course Fee: $12.50
  • Prerequisite: Application in writing with a detailed and specific plan of study plus interview, and department chairperson and administrator approval.
  • An in-depth study that goes beyond the scope of current course offerings including, but not limited to, integrating art with other subject areas. The student will plan the study in detail and present it in written form for approval to Teacher and an Administrator.