Classes in Technical Production

Theatre Technology

  • Yearlong
  • Grades 9-12
  • Satisfies a CTE/ Fine Art or Elective  Requirement
  • Course Fee: $12.50
  • Prerequisite: None
  • Critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity are at the heart of study in the Theatre Arts. This course prepares students with foundational knowledge and skills in Theatre Production. These skills include the principles of design as well as support in all elements of live performance, construction of scenic elements, costumes, rigging and flying, reinforcement and reproduction, essentials of lighting and video, audio editing, special effects and the management skills to be the boss of it all! The 21st Century workplace applications of these skills are endless. Creativity is the ultimate multi-purpose tool!

Advanced Theatre Technology

  • Yearlong
  • Grades 10-12
  • Satisfies a CTE/ Fine Art or Elective Requirement
  • Course Fee: $12.50
  • Prerequisite: Mastery of all safety competencies as well as successful completion of Theatre Technology I
  • A co-curricular course that continues the work of Theatre Technology I. Study will be in depth, daily, hands on application in the theatre with students managing the planning and application of live production as described above. This class forms the support staff for the Buena Performing Arts Center, all school productions as well as contracted events. Through this course some students may pursue an opportunity for employment as event staff for the Performing Arts Center. The course may be repeated for credit.
  • It is essential to have time after school, evenings and weekends in support of theatre activities.

Production Studio

  • Yearlong
  • Grades 10-12
  • Requires concurrent or prior enrollment in an advanced level Fine Arts course.
  • Satisfies a Fine Arts or Elective Graduation Requirement
  • Course Fee: $6.00
  • Prerequisite: Application and Interview
  • Laboratory for the exploration, development, and synthesis of all elements of theatre. Using knowledge gained through the study of theatre, students focus on solving the problems faced by actors, directors, designers and technicians and refine their abilities to collaborate on performances. Practical experience in theatre arts is developed through rehearsal and public performance. The production studio is an upper-level, co-curricular course providing for the integration and implementation of those ideas and skills studied in Theatre Performance and Theatre Technology. Weighted credit is available through the Fine Arts petition program.
  • Essential to have time after school, evenings and weekends in support of theatre activities.

Fine Arts Honors Credit

  • Yearlong
  • Grades 10- 12
  • Satisfies a CTE/Fine Art or Elective Credit
  • Course Fee: $12.50/$6.00
  • Receiving honors credit is an option for Advanced Theatre Technology and Theatre Production Studio. While participating in Advanced and/or Studio students will extend their understanding through involvement in a series of achievements. Students that petition for honors (weighted) credit will negotiate activities that address each of the following areas including: individual instruction, performance, academic content knowledge, and leadership/service.

Technology Lab Assistant

  • Lab Assistant
  • Yearlong
  • Grade: 11-12
  • Satisfies a CTE or Elective Credit
  • Extension of a 2 year program
  • Course Fee: None
  • Prerequisite: Theatre Technology Program
  • Assist CTE teacher in lab or workshop in implementing the CTE program. Students will complete a variety of duties, such as assist in setting up lab equipment for the class. Inventory equipment and supplies, maintain lab in good working order. Students will troubleshoot and provide technical support to students and teachers while providing additional assistance regarding instruction, record keeping and building leadership skills.

Independent Study In Theatre

  • 1 Semester
  • Grades 11-12
  • Satisfies a Fine Art or Elective Requirement
  • Concurrent or prior enrollment in an advanced level Fine Arts course.
  • Prerequisite: Application in writing with a detailed and specific plan of study plus interview and/or audition and department chairperson and administrator approval
  • An in-depth study of a more specific method, discipline or application in Theatre Performance and/or Production. Examples include historical study, directing, design, cultural or period styles, musical theatre, improvisation, playwriting, Shakespeare, business and/or production management, advocacy, theatre education while allowing for integration into other curricular areas.

Student Aide Fine Arts

  • 1 Semester
  • Grades 11-12
  • Course Fee: $12.50
  • Students who are interested in advancing their understanding and application in the arts are given the opportunity to build leadership skills as they complete a variety of duties including preparing, organizing and presenting course, program and presentation/performance needs.  Student Aides will provide classroom support to students and teachers and may provide tutorial or instructional assistance to other students.