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Carrie Duerk is an Arizona native from right here in Sierra Vista.  Following graduation from Buena High School, Carrie set out to work and train in production and performance.  As she travelled, she was lucky to have many opportunities including performing in the Royal Australian Circus, receiving her degree in Musical Theatre Performance and  working for many years for one of the largest producing organizations in the world- Carnival Corporation.

After many years of living out of two suitcases, Carrie and her husband Aaron were excited to try out some ‘real life’ comforts namely… having a front door, a sofa and a puppy and Carrie seized a chance to move home and take over the Theatre Arts at her alma mater BHS.  Now Carrie has been at Buena for many years and teaching has become a calling.   “Before returning to Sierra Vista, I worked all over the world doing jobs that people find enthralling but I have never done any work more important, challenging or satisfying than the work I do as a teacher in the arts.”

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