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The arts present a unique and challenging environment for students, providing an atmosphere of innovation and creativity.   Artistic learning teaches students to be resourceful, articulate and perceptive.

Through Buena’s Art, Music and Theatre programs students obtain a meaningful and memorable education in ancient and time honored fields of study that are valued and sought after in today's economy. 

In the Fine Arts, students learn to apply their craft and become able problem-solvers. They learn adaptability and a strong work ethic. They receive intrinsic rewards, such as feelings of self-accomplishment and confidence. 

The experiences gained in these classes cultivate 21st century skillsIn Buena Fine Arts - creativity is the key.  And that key unlocks doors of opportunity for these students today and into the future.

BHS Graduation Requirement

REQUIRED: The State of Arizona requires a full credit of Fine Arts or CTE (Career Technical Education) for graduation.  Nationally many colleges and universities require that students complete this credit by consecutive semesters in the study of a FINE ART.

Arizona Diploma Seal

State Seal of Arts Proficiency

The Fine Arts Seal is awarded to graduating students who complete a rigorous program pathway in the Fine Arts, engage in community service or extracurricular Fine Arts activities and present a student capstone project.

History of the Arizona Arts Seal

The State Seal of Arts Proficiency or SB1111 was signed into law by Governor Doug Ducey on May 14th, 2019. SB1111 had bipartisan support and was a grassroots effort from Arizona Education Advocates from across the state. Senator Paul Boyer served as the bill’s sponsor.

Student Honors Organizations and Societies

Buena offers students opportunities for participation in national and international honors societies.  Buena Fine Arts students have a long tradition of inclusion, contribution and recognition in  the following organizations:


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