Bromley-Lewisham Pool

Welcome to the Bromley-Lewisham Pool web-site.

We are all the pro-European groups in Bromley and Lewisham.

For all the latest gen see the Actions page

This site contains the following:

  • An Actions page giving practical information, including campaigning event calendars and news about what's we're doing.
  • A list of participating groups
  • A description of the sign-up process to the Bromley and Lewisham United for Europe (BLUE) list, complete with sign up forms
  • A page devoted to Privacy Policy both the LEFE privacy policy and a template that participating groups can adapt and adopt.

If you are considering implementing something similar where you live, you can see why we have made a pool here and where it would be sensible to set up other pools by taking a look at, the home of the UK pro-European Network, UKPEN.