Architects must earn a minimum number of continuing eductaion credits (CEUs) each year to maintain their professional licenses and standing in the professional society.  AIA Brazos actively promotes attendance of the state and national architecture conventions, but, for members who cannot make it to these or who prefer to have more freedom in their choice of sessions at them, we provide resources which allow an architect to meet their annual requirements locally.  Learn more about the options below.

Lunch + LearnS

Thanks to the generosity of providers, AIA Brazos offers monthly CEU lunch presentations to our members, free of charge.  The precise schedule varies, so please check your email and the calendar for details.

Contact the Continuing Education Coordinator for more information or to become a provider.


AIA Brazos arranges a variety of original-content continuing education programs and activities throughout the year.  These range from meetings with Texas Society of Architects leadership and discussions regarding development in our community, to tours of active and recently completed construction projects.  While some are member-exclusives, many are also of relevance and open to the public.

Contact the Community Relations Coordinator for more information or to develop a new continuing education program.

Contact the Building Tours Coordinator to arrange a tour of you project.


Our proximity to the Texas A&M University College of Architecture affords us access to many educational resources - some of which include AIA continuing education credits.  Look out for announcements of symposia, lectures, meetings, workshops, and joint efforts.

Contact the Academic Director to learn more.