The original AIA Brazos Architecture in Schools planning committee meeting in Brenham, circa 2009.

The AIA Brazos Architecture in School program began in the spring of 2010 at First Baptist Church School in Brenham.  It has since reached over 400 students from 4 schools in 3 cities.

The 8 week program introduces architecture to 4th graders - allowing them to play planner and architect as they design a community and the buildings which fill it.  This gives them a deeper understanding of their surroundings and how the built environment contributes to their daily lives and the success or failure of a community.  It also exposes them to the role architects and architecture play in the health, safety, and welfare of the public, while helping the students build critical thinking, problem solving, and spacial awareness skills.

Although at least two members of the first graduating classes, now college students, are pursuing degrees in architecture, most program participants will pursue other fields.  Their increased awareness of the impact of the built environment as well as the practical skills gained will, perhaps even more valuably, serve them as they grow into leaders, business owners, and engaged community members.

We are grateful for the ongoing support of the Texas A&M students and AIA Brazos members who volunteer their time every semester to share their passion for architecture with younger generations.  Special thanks as well to member Tim Donathan, AIA for his repeted sponsorship.

To get involved or find out about bringing the program to your school, contact the AiS Coordinator.

You can also help raise funds for this program by participating in or sponsoring our AIA Brazos Gingerbread Build Off, hosted by our Emerging Professionals in December.

First Day of (Architecture in) School(s), Spring 2019


View the final presentation from our Spring 2021 virtual session at College Hills Elementary in College Station here.  Special thanks to teacher Jennifer Mills for helping us make this course possible under challenging circumstances.

Founders:Brian Gibbs, AIA, Darren Heine, AIA, Paul Martinez, AIA, Elizabeth Price, AIA, Eva Read-Warden, AIA, Samantha Schwartz, Tommy Upchurch, AIA