Holy Cross Church warmly welcomes all those who wish to be baptised or have their children baptised.

There is NO CHARGE for Baptism. Unfortunately, as is the way of the world, the work of the church and the maintenance of the building does need funding, so that we can continue to be there for you, your family and the community in years to come. Therefore we do take a voluntary collection during the service, for people to give as much or as little as they would like, to help towards the continuing work of the Church. If you would like to book a baptism for yourself or your child/children please contact the Parish Office.

What is Baptism?

Baptism (or christening as it is also known) is a sacrament, a visible symbol of God’s invisible power and love. The sacrament of Baptism marks the beginning of a person’s journey (child or adult) in Christian faith. The tradition is traced back to the Baptism of Jesus himself in the river Jordan.

Click here for the story of how Jesus was baptised.

In the Baptism service we thank God for his gift of life and publicly acknowledge his love. Those who are baptised are prayed for as they start their journey in faith, turning away from evil, to live their lives as followers of Jesus and to become members of the local and worldwide Christian family, the Church.

The Baptism Service

Baptisms at Holy Cross usually take place at 12.30 on a Sunday and occasionally during the 10am main Sunday service. To make sure that this very special occasion goes without a hitch, we hold a Baptism Preparation for the parents and Godparents/Sponsors, on the first Monday of each month at 7.00pm. This is a very informal occasion where a number of families will meet with a member of the ministry team (don’t worry you don’t have to do or say anything, just listen!). The Baptism Preparation usually only lasts for about half an hour and is an opportunity to run through the service, so that everyone knows what will happen on the day. When you book your baptism service you will be told which Baptism Preparation you need to attend.

You can read the words used during the service by clicking here.

To find out more about the symbols used during baptism click here.

Godparents and Sponsors

Godparents are those chosen by the parents of the child/children being baptised as special people who they trust to help their child/children to come to know God and to encourage them in their spiritual life. Sponsors are those chosen by the person being baptised to accompany and guide them on their journey in faith. There is no limit to the number of Godparents/Sponsors that a person can have, but they should have a minimum of 2 and they themselves must have been baptised (Christened). There must be a Godparent of each gender.

The duties of a Godparent

Being a Godparent or sponsor can be a daunting task, but don’t worry the most important thing that you can do is love the person you have promised to support. If you should need help to teach them about the Christian faith or to guide them in their spiritual life please don’t hesitate to contact us at Holy Cross. We are more than happy to meet with you to talk things through or to direct you towards some good books you could use. You are also very welcome at our regular services, where you can learn more about the Christian faith.