Friends of St Helen's

The Friends of St. Helen's Church was formed on the 9th April 2003. The Right Reverend Dr. John Saxbee, Bishop of Lincoln, Gillian Merron, and Mrs. Ann Faulding (Ellison) agreed to become Patrons.

What's it cost?

Standard Membership £5.00 p.a.

Family Membership £7.50 p.a.

Life Membership £50.00

Please make cheques payable to "The Friends of St. Helen's Church."

How do I join?

If you think you may be interested in becoming a Friend of St.Helen's, but would like to know more about the scheme, then please contact Mr John Snell, 21 Westwood Drive, Lincoln, the Secretary of the Friends. He will be pleased to let you have a copy of the objects of the Friends and the constitution.

Purpose of the Friends

The purpose of the "Friends" is to widen the circle of people who are interested in the preservation of the fabric of this beautiful church and churchyard and for the advancement of the Christian religion. We welcome all to become a Friend, there are no geographical or religious boundaries.