Biological Interface Group


Uncover curiosity-driven questions. 

Seek scientific answers. 

Prioritize humans above all. 

No limitations in chemistry, biology, physics, or engineering.

 All backgrounds welcome.

Our lab is in YTN Science (FEAT, 선민, 서현, 세민, Sarath, 동윤 and missing Ivan and Sang Ho)

  • Sogang-Emory-GT Biomaterials Symposium (2024-07)

Our lab activities, selected in 

Picture of the Month (2024-06) Best Bartender Ever

Mr. Husband, celebrating her wife, Dr. Huong's graduation (24-6-21)

We celebrate Dr.Huong's graduation. Congratuation! (Pic. by Steven)

Dr. Monica, just married. Congratuation! (24-6-23)

ACS Portfolio-Wide Diversity & Inclusion Cover Art Series in 2024

Pipetting Hand, Together, Editorial featured by Kwanwoo Shin

Story : Scientific progress relies on the maxim that scientific inquiry knows no bounds: new results and insights are not dependent on the location of the scientists who conducted the work. However, there is no similar guarantee that researchers in disparate locations will have equitable opportunities to participate in science. ...continued

미국 화학회는 2024 다양성 및 포용적 과학기술 활동을 저널의 커버의 Art-work으로 하는 ACS Portfolid-wide Diversity  & Inclusion Cover Art Series에 서강대학교 바이오계면연구소, 서강-하버드 USD Biohybrid Center의 활동을 특집으로 게제하였다. 

***POSITION OPEN (Post-docs and Students) We are waiting talented and passionate students (Undergraduate, Graduated) and Post-doc
year-around.  Email your intention to Prof. Kwanwoo Shin,

본 연구실 (서강대학교 화학과/바이오융합/바이오계면연구소)은 학생과 Post-Doc을 상시모집합니다. 학부연구생, 대학원석사, 석사박사통합과정,
장기적으로 연구를 수행할 Post-Doc의 지원을 기다립니다.  (신관우교수 (에 이메일)



Our group' some curiosity-driven research

Alumni News : Dr. Veasna Soum 

Received UNESCO "The 2nd Prize" of the Outstanding Cambodian Scientists Awards !  Congratualtion! (2024-3)

Alumni News : Dr. Agustina Setiawati 

Received 2023 Best Researcher in Science and Technology from Sanata Dharma University. Congratulation! (2024-1)

CURIOSITY-Driven Researches, highlighted.

PLOS One, Selected our 3D printed, water filtration system in their ENGINEERING Homepage as a Highlight Research (2020)

J. Exercise Rahabilitation published, our on-site research on cognitive impairment, malnutrition, and community lives near Mr.Merapi, Indonesia (2018)

J. Cultural Heritage, published, Korean Old painting can be damaged by LED ramp. What we see in the old paining, may not be original color! (2019)

Featured in Advanced Intelligent Systems

by JM, JA and others, artwork by KS (2024.5)

Featured in Advanced NanoBioMed Research

by Dipta, Sarida & Sarath, artwork by KS (2023.11)

Featured in Macromolecular Materials and Engineering

by Veasna, Viktor, Huckjin, artwork by KS (2023.10)

Featured in Experimental Dermatoology

by JW, Dr.Ryu and HY, artwork by JW (2023.9)

Our collaborators, Prof. Orawon published in Anal. Chemistry

featured by a cover, artwork by Sarida (2023.9)

Featured in small methods

by Ly, SH, SM, and EJ,  artwork by KS (2023.12)

Appropriate Technology - Reseach in Action

2021.12. 10대를 위한 적정기술 콘서트 출간

 (7분의 언덕, 교보문고)

2018.12. 적정기술이해 출간 

(7분의 언덕, 교보문고)

In the summer of 2022, Prof. Shin visited, Sanata Dharma University to meet Dr. Nina, Dr. Monica, who worked as a lecturer, and the Royal University of Phnom Penh, Cambodia, to meet Dr. Viesna. Our alumni opened their labs and are doing excellent jobs there.   (more activities of appropriate technology)

Monica's lab

Nina's lab

Veasna's lab

 Research Highlight : Artificial Organelles (Published in Nature Biotech. June, 2018), more here

2023 Sogang-KMA-USMA "West Point Symposum", held at Sogang University (2023. 7. 7)

Timo Weis, who did intership in our lab, visited our lab again (2023.09)