Biological Interface Group


The goal of our research is to find curiosity-driven questions around us, and to find answers scientifically.
And put human first in priority.

We do not set any research barriers (Chemistry, Biology, Physics, or Engineering).

Everyone welcome, no matter what your background is.

***POSITION OPEN (Post-docs and Students) We are waiting talented and passionate students (Undergraduate, Graduated) and Post-doc
year-around. Email your intention to Prof. Kwanwoo Shin,

본 연구실 (서강대학교 화학과/바이오융합/바이오계면연구소)은 학생과 Post-Doc을 상시모집합니다. 학부연구생, 대학원석사, 석사박사통합과정,
장기적으로 연구를 수행할 Post-Doc의 지원을 기다립니다. (신관우교수 (에 이메일)

Contratulation to Daeyong, Mai, Hyun, Huckjin and Yoonjung (2021-09-8)

Farewell, Veasna! 6 years of great work and acheivement here (2021-2-27)

Our group' some curiosity-driven research

  • A dream for man-made live cells

  • Diagnostic chips made only with a inkjet printer

  • People living with volcano ashes.

  • 3D printed water filter, for people.

  • How are the particulate matters different at different altitude ?

  • Human hair vs. dog hair vs. cat hair, are they same?

  • Bacteria living under high pressure.

DY's holiday in Gong Cha. (2021-3-17)

CURIOSITY-Driven Researches, highlighted.

PLOS One, Selected our 3D printed, water filtration system in their ENGINEERING Homepage as a Highlight Research (2020)

J. Exercise Rahabilitation published, our on-site research on cognitive impairment, malnutrition, and community lives near Mr.Merapi, Indonesia (2018)

J. Cultural Heritage, published, Korean Old painting can be damaged by LED ramp. What we see in the old paining, may not be original color! (2019)

Lab Activities News

Our recent paper featured in Advanced NanoBioMed Research Back Cover

by Monica, Ivan and artwork by EG (2021.5)

Our recent paper featured in Advanced Healthcare Materials Back Cover

by Nina and artwork by EG (2021.3)

  • Prof. Shin, interviewed with INFORM Magazine (by R. Guenard), introducing our latest research themes, including liposome-delivery, cosmetic uses, and artificial cells in the Feature Article in Jan 2021, "The latest on liposomes".

2019. 1-2. Our Group Activities at RUPP (Cambodia) and Sanata Dharma (Indonesia)

Our students and Prof. Shin spent for two weeks in these two institutes, having 3D printer workshop, electrochemistry, and paper-chip sensors lectures and lab courses




lab activities

after lectures

during lectures

2018. 12. 20. Celebration of Book Publication "Introduction to Appropriate Technology"

At Scientist of Month Award Ceremony, December 12, 2019

Picture of Month(2020-7) Beer makes someone crazy.

Research Highlight : Artificial Organelles (Published in Nature Biotech. June, 2018), more here