0. Statistics for Biologists.  If you want to know about error bars, p values or sampling size, look it up. 

Statistics for Biologists, Natureportfolio

1. Great Instruction, how to make your data, greater ! (MUST READ AND THINK BEFORE YOU MAKE ANY GRAPH, LINK)

Ugly examples

Good examples

Ugly examples

Good examples

1. Designing Effective Scientific Presentation by Prof. Susan McConnell (Stanford Univ.) 

 2. Making Scientific Writing painless by Prof. Ian T. Baldwin 

3. Ten Simple Rules for Structuring Papers, Mensh B, Kording K (2017) PLoS Comput Biol 13(9): e1005619, download pcbi.1005619

6. Adobe Illustrator CC for Scientist

Playlist with 11 videos showing the ways to create figures and graphs with Adobe Illustrator CC 2015 (Link)

5. V. Vogel's Lecture on Extracellular matrix 

7. Illustrated Glossary 

8. Whitesides' Writing a paper : Link

9. How to make false colored SEM images

10. How to make a PDMS microfluidic device 

11. How to make microfluidic with bioprinter

12. Effective Seminar about your research project

       - Nature, Ananya Sen (2019)

1) Focus on one idea at a time

2) Do not write paragraphs

3) Reel the audience in

4) Follow the question, experiment, results format

5) Pain a big picture

6) Pace yourself: breathe, let the audience soak it in 

7) Convey passion 

8) Practise, practise, practise. 

PCA analysis 101 and meaning of PC1 and PC2