Picture of Month

Picture of Month (2023.4)

Dongjin met Veasna. 

<Picture of Month (2024. 2)>

A girl crying the night before for Sang-Ho, going to military training camp.

Nina missed...SH. (2022-08)

The 1st Robot Chemist, SY (March 2022)

I do not know what exactly he was thinking..doing this. (2021.7)

Nina holds Huong Jr. (December 2021)

Picture of Month(2020/3) how to survive in corona-world

Picture of Month(2020-7)  Beer makes someone crazy.

Picture of Month : July/2019

Kids in Lab311

Picture of Month(2019/12)  Real Collaborators in Creation!

Picture of Month : Feb. of 2019

Veasna is doing his job alone

Picture of Month : April/2019

Focused only on her, we all just background

2018. 12  Dr. Ryu in YTN

Picture of Month : May of 2018

(2018, Group Retreat to Jeju Islands with Prof. Parker)

From the left, NIna, Huong, Giho, Soo Yong, Yeongheon, Yunpyo, Sungwoo, Prof. Parker (Harvard), Prof. Shin, Veasna, Mary, Hyeyoung, Nahee, Minyoung.

2016. 9.  Lab members in Style 

2015. 10.  3D 프린터가 신기해 (김용준)

2015. 5  현재우박사님과 함께 

2015. 2.  RUPP 화학수업 후   (이원구교수님)

2015. 1 정은지씨 환송회 (그런데 정은지씨는 어디에?)

2014. 11 대한민국발명대전 금상 수상 

2014. 9  Bride Brice

2014. 7  Frank and Jane Grunfeld (Founder of NIMA) visited our lab. 

2014. 6  Happy TE Members

2014. 5.   Lab311 at HANARO (KAERI)

2014. 4. 랩 회식 in 뉴스데스크 (뭘해도 관심대상)

2014. 3  주황색은 lab311의 컬러 인증