Color-Coded Synopsis of the Gospels

Color-Coded Synopsis of the Four Gospels

Using the NET Bible

By Michael D. Morrison

Parts 1-5

Parts 6-7

Part 8

Parts 9-11


Parts 14-15

Part 16

Parts 17-18

PDF files - a 177-page document for everything, and 44 pages for the "triple tradition" - stories and teachings found in Matthew, Mark, AND Luke.

Color Coded Synopsis of the Four Gospels.pdf

 red: Matthew but not Mark or Luke

 orange: Matthew and Mark but not Luke

 yellow highlight: Mark but not Matthew or Luke

 yellow-green: Mark and Luke but not Matthew

 green: Luke but not Matthew or Mark

 brown: Matthew and Luke but not Mark

 black: all three Synoptics

 violet: unique to John 

The color scheme is patterned after the rainbow, with the red text used for Matthew, yellow for Mark, green for Luke, and violet for John. (Since yellow text is difficult to read, we have used yellow highlighting instead for Mark.) Different colors are used for different combinations of text. Colors for the Synoptics are chosen without regard for what John does. 

Colors should match: If a word is orange, it should be in the Matthew column, and should also be orange in the Mark column. If it is black on one column, it should be black in all three synoptic columns, and so forth. 

Colors in John follow a similar pattern. If the word is shared with Matthew but not Mark or Luke, then it is red. The fact that the word is also in John is indicated by the fact that it is in the fourth column. If the word is shared with Matthew and Mark but not Luke, it is orange, and so forth.

I have no doubt made a few mistakes along the way. If you notice any, let me know at

Several numbering schemes have been used in Gospel Harmonies and Synopses. Rather than make a new scheme, I have used the numbering scheme of Kurt Aland, Synopsis of the Four Gospels (United Bible Societies, 1985), with only occasional modifications.

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