The BG-MUN project (Beatriz Galindo-Model United Nations) is the first International MUN in Spain using English language.

It is our honour and pleasure to invite participants to the third edition of the BG-MUN, international conference Model United Nations that which will be hold in Madrid, Spain between April 4th, 2018 and April 6th 2018.

This conference will focus on partner presentations, project process planning and diplomatic skills. More than 170 students from High Schools and Universities of Germany, Morocco, France, Russia, China, Romania, Turkey and Spain will be debating international issues and making Resolutions following the model of UN’s Resolutions.

Although English is the main language, we also encourage the use of other languages: Russian, Arabic, Spanish, Chinese, Romanian, Turkish or French will be present in our Conference and be translated to English by our experienced team of Journalist -Translators. In this 2018 BG-MUN the ECOSOC committee will be ruled in French.

BG-MUN = BG-World Model

BG World Model is supposed to develop a complete simulation of the world’s events and ideas. The three days of BG-MUN will likely represent what happens in three months of the world’s life.

The fuel which will feed both G-8 and United Nations are the topics chosen some months before any BG-MUN by the BG-MUN Association and the real or fictional events (demonstrations, wars, major technological changes…) elaborated by the Reality Room –team of our best expert journalists -

G-8 is, like in real world, the conference of the most powerful countries in the world: Canada, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Russia, the United Kingdom and the United States ( + India and China). Also in attendance is the President of the European Commission, who represents the European Union. They can act both in individual or collective way in response to the topic’s issues or to the events generated by the Reality Room. The resolutions adopted by United Nations can also ignite reality room’s events or G-8’s decisions.

BG-United Nations is run like a “traditional” MUN. Even though, there are some differences:

-The power is completely hold by the students that play the role of Secretary General, Vice Secretary General and Chairs. Intervention is not allowed to any adult or teacher.

- United Nations should react quickly to any Reality Room’s event or G-8’s decision that could blow-up our unstable World.

In addition, each of the G-8 representatives (Putin, Trump, etc.) has closely been working out with their UN’s country delegations to reach a whole strategy about the international issues treated in BG-MUN.


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