Welcome to the B.E.L.I.E.F. Professional Learning Modules developed by the California ELA/ELD Curriculum and Instruction Subcommittee (CISC)

Blueprints for Effective Leadership and Instruction for our English Learners’ Future (B.E.L.I.E.F.)


The B.E.L.I.E.F. modules support district and site administrators with the implementation of both integrated and designated ELD. The modules include current ELD research; opportunities to deepen understanding of integrated and designated ELD; activities to analyze, reflect upon, and refine programs for English learners; and follow-up activities to use with staff to support implementation.

Target audience: Site and district administrators and EL program leaders

Product: B.E.L.I.E.F. is a comprehensive professional learning tool designed to increase efficacy, confidence, and capacity of leadership personnel in regard to meeting the needs of the English learner populations in schools, grounded in data, research, and the messages of the CA ELA/ELD Framework.

How it Works:

The B.E.L.I.E.F. modules are a set of interconnected learning models that can be utilized in a face-to-face session or in a blended learning model. Participants should take a pre-assessment to determine which modules are most relevant to their organization’s needs. The modules do build upon each other but they can be used in any sequence based on interest and need.

  • Module 0: Laying the Foundation (Introduction-ELD Foundations)

  • Module 1: Framing the Context for Instruction (Integrated & Designated ELD)

  • Module 2: Building up the Frame (Systems for EL Programs)

  • Module 3: Constructing Instruction (What ELD Looks & Sounds Like)

  • Module 4: Inspecting the Program (Monitoring EL Progress through Data)

  • Module 5: Walkthroughs and Finishes (Continuous Refinement)

  • Module 6: Personalizing the Program (Meeting the Diverse Needs of ELs)

Contributing Authors:

Kathy Condren-Madera County Office of Education

Cathy Cornejo-Riverside County Office of Education

Jorge Cuevas-Antillon-San Diego County Office of Education

Mathew Espinosa-Santa Clara County Office of Education

Karin Foster-Orange County Department of Education

Denise Harshman-Orange County Department of Education

Molly McCabe, Ed.D-Riverside County Office of Education

Jennifer McAuley-Mendocino County Office of Education

Pamela McGee-Fresno County Office of Education

Alesha M. Ramirez-Tulare County Office of Education

Sofia Sorensen-Santa Cruz County Office of Education

Pamela Spycher-West Ed

Yee Wan, Ed.D-Santa Clara County Office of Education

Armando Zuniga-Ventura County Office of Education

Curriculum and Instruction Steering Committee and ELA/ELD Subcommittee:

• Charlene Stringham, Tulare County Office of Education, CISC Chair

• Lisa Gilbert, Kern County Superintendent of Schools, CISC ELA/ELD Subcommittee Lead

  • Lucy Edwards, Napa County Office of Education, CISC ELA/ELD Subcommittee Lead

The committee wishes to extend a special thank you to the Curriculum and Instruction Steering Committee (CISC) and the California County Superintendents

Educational Services Association (CSSESSA) for sponsoring this project.

Note: These modules were updated February 2018.


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The B.E.L.I..E.F. Modules were designed to support administrators’ thinking and planning around ELs and EL programs. Some resources, including videos, are shared to spark ideas and conversations. No video, tool, or other resource included here is intended to promote particular programs, curricula, protocols, or approaches.