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February 2023. INTRODUCTION TO BEEKEEPING, this is a free, FREE, FREE Live Webinar series by British Columbia Apiculturist offered to BC residents by the BC ministry of Agriculture. The course is delivered once per year through live online webinars Saturday mornings through February. To register and participate in the course simply send an email to: ( or In your email introduce yourself including: your full name, your email address, your BC resident region, your BC beekeeping region. Goto this link to get more information.

The next upcoming workshop is: ________________ could be something you are hosting or an event that you recommend, let us know ! _____________. .... If you are aware of upcoming webinars or workshops by others or would like to host one yourself send us an email to or use the CONTACT US form to get it posted here.

OCT 29-30. BCHPA Fall AGM, conference presentations, tradeshow. ONLINE.

OCT 22-24. APITHERAPY presentations. (APIMONDIA)


Please Join us with Randy Oliver for a presentation on Small-Scale Queenrearing

Every beekeeper should experience the joy of rearing daughters from their best queens! In this presentation I show step-by-step queenrearing techniques for the hobbyist through small commercial beekeeper. Tips from several decades of experience.

Oct 6th at 7PM via Zoom

The recorded session:

APIMONDIA 2021; Live - online webinars September/October

Sep 15. WAS Mini Conference. Varroa mites and oxalic acid - from the experts.

June 16. WAS Mini Conference. Honey.

April 24. Spring Hive Field Day and Social, FSJ: hosted by Claude P. Go to the popup window in the Peace Region Bee Club events Calender HERE for the details of what/when/where/how. This event is tentative as it is weather dependent and number that register to attend. Open to Bee Club members.

April 13. Asian Giant Hornet (Murder Hornet) Information Session. For details, go here:

IN PROGRESS. March 27. BC Bee Course. ; Next session starts March 27. The course is FREE for BC residents. Yes, FREE. The course is presented by the BC Provincial Apiculturalist: Paul Van Westendorp. This is an excellent course for beginners. It is also a great course for experienced beekeepers who need a refresher on best practices or want to be brought up to date on current information and beekeeping methods. Send an email to Paul or MarieJulie with: your name, your location, and your request to register for the course. You will receive reading materials and links to the scheduled webinars. Register well in advance, at least a week. or

March 24. WAS Mini Conference. Alternatives to Varroa Controls and EFB techniques

Thank you for attending WAS March Webinar. We hope you enjoyed it!

The recordings are posted on our YouTube channel and be sure to check out the information about next month's mini-conference on our website.

BC Honey Producers ; March 20 and 21. Online conference - Education days presentations.

Free for BCHPA members. 10$-20$ non- members. A real bargain!!!