Buy/Trade/Sell LOCAL

Check here and the Buy and Sell pages for Beekeeping supplies offered by Bee Club members and others in the community. People can post what they have for sale or what they want to buy.

Suggested types of items are things that beekeepers need: tools, apparel, clothing, feed, treatments, hive equipment, boxes, frames, excluders, feeders, traps, ..., extracting equipment, honey/wax handling, pumps, containers, moulds, tools, crafts, and arts.

The types of items that are not intended to be here are hive products; honey, wax, etc. Goto the local markets or contact beekeepers directly for those.

To request to have your For Sale or your Wanted posted, just send an email to the bee club address or use the CONTACT US form. Whenever possible include pictures of your items with your post.


Where can I get beehive equipment locally?

In Dawson Creek: Peavey Mart. The PM in Dawson has a row of shelves that has some bee equipment in stock. You can also get quite a selection of equipment from the PM online shopping site. When you order online, have it delivered to the DC store for free pickup.

In Fort St John: Peace River Building Products. PRBP in FSJ is an independent local business that carries building products, pet products, tack, livestock feed and supplies. The Bee Club has provided input of what type of equipment and supplies are needed by local beekeepers at different times of the year. To help fill the need locally, PRBP has formed a partnership source with for main stuff. Local beekeepers also provide few specialty items. Before you go looking far and wide, please support your local businesses first by checking out PRBP. Go into the store and go up the stairs to the right. There is a fair sized area that is stocked with a good selection of beekeeping equipment. If you do not find what you are looking for then contact Teressa or Martin at PRBP to have them cost out and propose to order in whatever you need.

In Fort St John: Home Hardware. The FSJ HH does, or did, have some beehive kits in stock. These are complete boxed kits that have hive parts and basic tools. At this time, HH does not have various selection of random parts, tools, supplies. Only the packaged box kits.

Beyond local, various equipment may be found by searching the BC Honey Producers Association website classifieds and by looking for classifieds within the other BC bee club websites: BC Bee Clubs

The other options for new bee equipment are out-of-area online ordering and shipping from the likes of:

The collective western Canadian Beekeepers Co-op, known as BeeMaid Spruce Grove.

Apihex, Calgary.

Hive World, Edmonton.

BCBeesupply, Burnaby.

WestCoast Bee Supply, Pitt Meadows.

…. and others you will find through websearch engines

Where can I get Bees, Bee-Stock locally ?

Each year the Bee Club has members looking for bees and has members who supply bees. Most contacts are found by word of mouth. To help close the gap, each year February through June the Bee Club attempts to help these members find each other at the Bee Club meetings and by contacts forms. The Club takes no role in arranging bees nor does it partake in any transactions. Only the bee-wanters and bee-havers contact information is collected and relayed out to the participants. Once they have the contacts, the parties are responsible for reaching out to each other and making their arrangements.

If you are looking for local bees or if you have bees available to offer, please use this link to get to the form and participate in the program. Details and instructions are in the form.

Peace Region Bee Club Bee-Stock

The contact info is not published. It is only distributed to the participants who have filled out the form.

Beyond the local Peace Bee Club members, bee-stock may be found by searching the BC Honey Producers Association website classifieds and by looking for classifieds within the other BC bee club websites linked at BCHPA: BC Bee Clubs It is best to get your bees locally or directly from a beekeeper in another BC club or the BCHPA. The next best would be to try the Western Canadian Beekeeper`s Co-op, BeeMaid

As for what should be your last resort, web search engines may find mail order options.