2019-2020 Grants

In July of 2019, the Bethlehem Central School District accepted a donation from Bethlehem Central Community Foundation (BCCF) to support 11 classroom grants throughout the district. In addition, BCCF donated over $5000 to the district to support flexible seating.

We thank our members for helping us encourage creativity and new ideas in our schools.

2019-2020 Grants

Breaking Free from the Board – New technology will allow Middle School teacher Kristin Armstrong to move freely through her classroom while presenting on her white board and allows students to sharetheir work to the whole class from their seats.

Gel Electrophoresis for the Biology Department – Students in Kelly Babic’s Biology classes will learn about molecular biology using this equipment.

Bridge 2 College Program – The Guidance Department encourages first generation students to pursue higher education, including translating materials into other languages as needed.

Choice Time Activities – Hamagrael students in Stefanie Doemel’s class will have more options for choice time activities, including board games, card sets and legos.

Strong Hands = Strong Success – Kindergarten students in Dena Henderson and Terri Guenther’s Hamagrael classes will benefit from increased focus on fine motor skills using engaging manipulatives.

Differentiated Literacy and Math Centers in Kindergarten Classroom – Kindergarten students working with Allison Hepfer, Deb Wooster and Kyle Meyer at Hamagrael will have access to hands-on manipulatives to assist with math and reading instruction.

Fine Motor Development Tools for Eagle Kindergarten Classroom – Chris Hull, an Occupational Therapist at Eagle Elementary will be working with kindergarten students on their fine motor skills using a variety of tools.

Social Thinking Curriculum – Students in the MS Intensive Skills class will benefit from a proven curriculum to support them in the development of social, communications, and functional living skills.

Small Group Instruction Area – Students in Bethenny Kourt’s Slingerlands classroom will have a small instructional space, including a dry erase activity table and stools for small group instruction.

Student Bell Jars – High school students in Caitlin Lentile’s chemisty classes learn about the effects of pressure on gases using bell jars.

STEM/ Purposeful Play Morning Tubs – Heather Reid’s students at Slingerlands will engage in hands on materials organized into morning tubs.

Flexible Seating – BCCF donated funds to the district, to be distributed as needed, to support the initiative for flexible seating.