2018-2019 Grants

In July of 2018, the Bethlehem Central School District accepted a donation from Bethlehem Central Community Foundation (BCCF) to support 8 classroom grants throughout the district.

We thank our members for helping us encourage creativity and new ideas in our schools.

2018-2019 Grants

Functional Living Skills – Middle School students who work with Maureen Bastian, PT, and Chris Hull, OT, in the Intensive Skills classes will have the opportunity to work on skills to be as independent as possible.

Happy Atoms to Build Happy Students – Olivia Cauthorn and Caitlin Lentile’s High School students will have molecular models thHat use magnets and flexible arms to attach elements together to build molecular models.

BCHS Robotics Club – The Robotics Club at the High School is in its second year and purchased an official competitive field to enhance their practice capabilities and support local tournaments.

Flexible Seating in the 21st Century Computer Classroom – Students in James Farnan’s Middle School Computer Literacy classes will have multiple seating options that support more collaborative learning experiences.

Using Social Smarts to be a Flexible Thinker – Hamagrael students in Debra Jeffers’ classes are using a program that helps develop awareness of their own thinking and learn strategies to help that help them develop better self-regulation.

Spanish Free Voluntary Reading Classroom Library – High School students in Evelyn Ledezma’s Spanish classes will have a variety of books available. These students will be exposed to different topics based on their personal interests.

Words for Life for the Intensive Skills Classroom – Meghan Lord’s students in the two Intensive Skills classrooms at Elsmere Elementary will have Words for Life app. It is a comprehensive language system that can take the place of verbal speech.

Purchasing a Thermocycler to perform Polymerase Chain Reactions (DNA) – The AP and Honors biology students at the High School will have the ability to do many high level molecular biology lab techniques to study DNA. Under Paul O’Reilly, a thermocycler will be purchased for students to use in biology and science research courses.