2013-2014 Grants

The Bethlehem Central Community Foundation (BCCF) has announced grant awards of more than $9,000 to eleven classroom innovation programs and initiatives. Grants were awarded through a competitive process to faculty and staff from the Bethlehem elementary, middle, and high schools for projects to be implemented in the 2013-2014 academic school year. Grants made by the BCCF include the following:

· Making Science Accessible to All Students: This project that will allow BCMS students, both sighted and those who are visually-impaired, to learn challenging Earth Science concepts with the help of three dimensional models. Project leaders are BCMS teachers Rebecca Beiter and Maureen Lewicki.

· Traverse Climbing Wall: Students at Eagle Elementary School will be able to develop upper body strength, social and cognitive skills on the new climbing wall to be purchased for the school’s physical education program. This project will be jointly funded with the Eagle PTO. Project leaders are Eagle Elementary School teachers Katie Charvat and Joanna Crawford.

· Lights, Camera, Green Screen, Action: The purchase of this technology application will allow middle school students to learn graphics and design skills used in several industries. Project leaders are BCMS teachers Tim Connelly and Amy Ludik.

· Teaching Proficiency of World Languages through Reading & Storytelling: This grant will be used to purchase resources to help middle school students develop foreign language proficiency via the proven method of storytelling. Project leader is BCMS teacher Jeff Klamka.

· Ipads for Struggling Readers: Through this grant, young readers at Elsmere Elementary School will be able to use iPad literacy applications that will help them take charge of their reading and become technologically independent. Project leader is Elsmere Elementary School teacher Anne Marie Lasky.

· Rachel’s Challenge: This grant will support the purchase of the “Friends of Rachel’s Club” support package, which includes curriculum and lessons about character, compassion, and other elements of the Rachel’s Challenge anti-bullying program. Project leader is BCHS staff member Marna Meltzer.

· Kindergarten Development Program: This project will help incoming students develop the foundational skills of grasp, bilateral coordination, thumb skills and eye-hand coordination that are needed for success in writing and using manipulatives during math and other classroom activities. Project leaders are Glenmont Elementary kindergarten teachers Linda Nortz, Patty Quirk, and Jody Keese.

· Eagle Recycles: Through this project, Eagle Elementary School students will expand their recycling efforts to reduce school waste and create greater environmental awareness. Project leaders are Eagle Elementary School teachers Chris Porter and Dianna Reagan.

· Read, Write, and Heal Library: The mini-library created through this grant award will help young children talk with teachers and family members about difficult social and emotional issues. Project leaders are Glenmont Elementary School faculty members Peter Rawitsch and Michelle Lavigne.

· Ipod Touch Technology: Through this project, fifth grade students at Eagle Elementary School will develop podcasts for book talks, develop a digital log to track the development of trout in classroom tanks, and practice math fluency. Project leader is Eagle Elementary School teacher Barbara Riegel.

· BCMS Community Garden: This grant award will support the purchase of equipment to be used by students and staff to maintain the BCMS Community Garden, a school initiative that is now fully integrated into the middle school curriculum. Project leader is BCMS staff member Mark Warford.