2016-2017 Grants

In July of 2016, the Bethlehem Central School District accepted a donation from Bethlehem Central Community Foundation (BCCF) to support 16 classroom grants throughout the district.

We thank our members for helping us encourage creativity and new ideas in our schools.

Grants awarded for 2016-2107 school year

Classroom Simulations to Engage Students in Real-Life Learning - Jennifer Marra's students at Slingerlands Elementary will participate in role-playing and simulations learning what it was like to live during a significant time period, specifically The Underground Railroad, and what's it is like to run a real community or city.

Digital Camera Conversion to Infrared Photography - Students in Marielle Martin's High School photography class will now have the opportunity to capture and compose Infrared images.

Graphic Novels - Students at Elsmere Elementary will now have significantly more Graphic Novels to check out from the school's library.

Sensory Tools for students with sensory integration issues - Middle school students who work with Kim Panaro, Maureen Cohan, and Frank Daley now have tools to assist them in the calming and self-regulation of their bodies and mind through stress balls, manipulative puzzles and ball chairs.

High School Garden - The high school garden, under the direction of Nick Petraccione, has offered many educational experiences for high school students through gardening, cooking, and creating partnerships with non-profit groups as well as area businesses. The grant allows for new gardening beds to allow for continued growth of these programs.

Focus on Fitness - This grant allows Candace Raderman to work with a few high school students each year who are facing obesity issues by purchasing Fitbits to help those students monitor their calories burned, intensity of workouts, and their quality of sleep.

Lego Education for Social/Communication Skills - Karen Suhrhoff has purchased Legos for students at Eagle Elementary to help them creatively express themselves, think critically, problem solve, discuss thoughts/feelings while using the manipulatives as a metaphor (or even a distraction), and work constructively as a team.

Country Research with eBooks - Students at Hamagrael now have additional resources to support 3rd and 5th graders as they prepare for their country research projects. The ebooks are accessible on their classroom Chromebooks or iPads.

Slingerlands Parent, Teacher, Child Book Club - This grant allowed teachers Jennifer Steil, Laura Naumovitz, Maria Qualtere and Bonnie O'Shea to purchase books and begin a book group with 4th and 5th grade families.

Wireless Buzzer System for Masterminds and Science Bowl Club- These two clubs, which promote student learning in and beyond the classroom, now have the ability to improve their competition skills with the purchase of the wireless system that is similar to what is used in competitions. These clubs are under the direction of Paul O'Reilly.

Lee Lunes - This grant allowed the 8th grade Spanish teachers to purchase leveled reading books and CDs of the books read by native Spanish speakers to support greater academic achievement by providing high interest reading in an authentic learning experience.

Ipad Minis for All Learners- This grant provided iPad minis to be shared among the kindergarten classrooms at Eagle. The iPads will be used to help students with specific skills, such as math fluency, coding, phonics, phonemic awareness, letter formation and identification, rhyming, reading comprehension, and science skills.

Developing Students as 21st Century Learners - The students in Mackenzie Riegel's classroom at Glenmont are using iPads within the classroom in a multitude of ways to expose all students to technology, provide different modes of instruction for students with varying learning needs, and motive and enhance learning for all.

Photography/Science/Art: 3rd grade students at Eagle, Glenmont, and Slingerlands are now using an ipad and an olloclip macro lens to create extreme close ups photographs of natural objects in the style of Dennis Kunkel, who the students will be studying. A printer was also purchased so the printed poloroids will be mounted for display and used as inspiration by the entire class to create an abstract organic shape design.

Active Stools for Active Schools - The students in Kelly Burlile and Terri Guenther's classroom at Hamagrael now spend classroom time on active sitting stools which provides students with additional activity/input that might be desired, thereby enabling the student greater ability to focus on and engage with their academic tasks.

Weather Club - Rob Helm and Candy Dolen are starting a Weather Club at the Middle School and this grant allowed for the purchase of a weather station to assist the club in learning and reporting on the weather.