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St. James the Greater Church


125 Harrison Ave., Boston, MA 02111

in Boston Chinatown

Sunday Validated Parking: Entrance on Hudson St.

From Kneeland St. turn into Hudson St. towards Harvard St. Turn right into parking lot before Harvard St.


Administrator: Rev. Joseph Zhang

Permanent Deacon: Dcn. Francis Sung



mobile: (617) 455-8182 (M-F 9AM-5PM)

phone: (617) 542-8498

fax: (617) 542-2708



Sunday, 3/7

3rd Sunday of Lent

Public Masses has resumed. Please register for Mass according to the announcement above. All other in church religious activities continue to be suspended until further notice.








  1. 您必須使用WhatsApp / 微信或通過電話 / 電郵為您及家人登記。請聯絡以下人士登記:宋麥杏薇 (781-690-2187,、翁林愛齡 (857-636-8475, 、楊美文 (617-938-8294,、張神父 (617-455-8182,。報名將於每周六晚8點截止。

  2. 請注意:對參與彌撒的人數有嚴格的上限。在人數達到了最大容限時,如果您沒有登記而前來參與彌撒,您或許不被允許進入。

  3. 在您進入教堂時,我們會使用無接觸式溫度計來量度您的體溫。如果體溫為華氏100度或以上,我們會勸您回家休息。

  4. 每個人進入教堂時都必須戴上口罩。2歲以下兒童不需要佩戴口罩。整台彌撒不可以除去口罩。

  5. 到達教堂時招待員會帶您到您的座位。在教堂內請按箭頭指示行走,並聽從招待員的引導。

  6. 請提前至少10分鐘到達。

  7. 請將你的捐獻放在教堂入口或出口的籃子內。

  8. 為了避免不必要的人流交彙,請考慮在彌撒時避免使用洗手間。


  1. 請時常保持6英尺(2米)的社交距離規則。

  2. 信友在參與彌撒時不需要和領唱員一起唱歌。所有在跪凳旁邊的歌本和彌撒書本都已經被拿走。

  3. 彌撒中不會收奉獻。請將您的捐款放在教堂入口或出口的指定籃子內。我們強烈推薦使用在線捐獻。

  4. 在互祝平安時,您可以用鞠躬 / 揮手 / 微笑來代替握手去祝福。


  1. 如果您想領聖體,請在您的座位保持站立。

  2. 張神父會到您的座位分送聖體給您。當神父到達您處時,請伸出雙手迎接聖體。請繼續保持站立,等待張神父離開您的座位處。

  3. 然後,請揭起您口罩的下方或摘下口罩領受聖體,跟着馬上帶回口罩。

  4. 請在領受聖體時,避免與神父有任何接觸。


  1. 請在彌撒結束後立即離開教堂。請按照招待員指引的方向和出口箭頭離開。

  2. 請注意,禮堂裡不可有任何社交聚會。

  3. 如果您有任何關於告解聖事的要求或其他問題,請直接致電617-455-8182與張神父聯繫。



It is with great joy as we begin Phase One of returning to Mass at St. James, scheduled for Jun 14! Right now, Masses will be held on Sundays only at 10 AM. Parking will be available from 9 AM to 1 PM. We are working diligently and carefully towards opening our doors for public worship on the guidelines set forth by both Gov. Baker and the Archdiocese of Boston. These guidelines will be STRICTLY enforced since we all have a role to play in keeping each other safe and healthy. The Cardinal has extended the dispensation. We recommend those 65 and older and anyone with underlying health conditions to stay home at this time, and to continue to attend Masses online praying in communion with us. After attending the online Mass, if so desired, you may come to St. James upper church to receive the Holy Communion between 11:15 AM and 12:00 NOON.

WHAT TO DO AND WHAT TO EXPECT (Please observe the following guidelines as we must do our part to eliminate the potential spread of COVID-19)


  1. You must sign up for you and/or your family using WhatsApp/WeChat or by phone/email. Please contact one of the following to register: Anita Sung (781-690-2187,, Mary Young (857-636-8475,, Mei Wen Yan (617-938-8294,, Fr Zhang (617-455-8182, Sign-ups will close weekly on Saturday 8pm.

  2. Please note there is a strict cap on attendees. If we have reached the maximum capacity, people will be turned away at the door.

  3. Temperature monitoring will be done with a touchless thermometer. If temperature is 100° F or higher, the person should go home and not participate in Mass.

  4. Everyone must be wearing a mask upon entering the church. Children under the age of 2 are not required to wear a mask. Face masks must be worn throughout the Mass.

  5. Ushers will show you to your seat upon arrival. Please follow the arrows directing the flow of traffic and any usher's instruction.

  6. Please arrive at least 10 minutes early.

  7. Please place your offertory donation in the designated basket located at the entrance or exit of the church.

  8. In order to avoid unnecessary traffic, please consider refraining restroom usage during Mass.


  1. Please maintain the 6-foot social distancing rule at all times.

  2. The congregation will not sing during the Mass. All hymn books and missalettes have been removed.

  3. There will be no collection during offertory. Please place your offertory donation in the designated basket located at the entrance or exit of the church. We highly recommend using online donation.

  4. A bow/wave/ smile to replace handshake or other physical signs of peace.


  1. Please remain standing at the pew if you desire to receive Communion.

  2. Fr Zhang will distribute Communion to you in your pew. Please receive the host in your hand and remain standing. Wait for Fr Zhang to move to the next parishioner.

  3. Then lift up the bottom of your mask and place the host into your mouth. Put the mask back on after consuming.

  4. Please be mindful not to come into any contact with the priest while receiving Communion.


  1. Please leave the church immediately at the end of Mass. Please follow the usher direction and the exit arrow sign

  2. Please be reminded that there should not be any social gathering in the church hall.

  3. If you have any questions or requests for the Sacrament of Confession, please contact Fr. Zhang directly at 617-455-8182.

Stay Safe! Stay Healthy!







Online Masses

In order to minimize the risk of spreading the Novel Coronavirus, we encourage the faithful to participate in live streaming or replay of Sunday Masses, Spiritual Communion and reflect on Sunday readings.

Catholic TV Daily and Sunday Mass in English

In response to the call to support the Catholic Relief Services (CRS) fair trade, the Boston Chinese Catholic Community will continue have Equal Exchange products for sale in the future.