Transition Videos & Tools

We would like to extend a huge thank you to one of our parents who has made these videos possible. He has captured who we are at Baskerville and as you watch we hope that you will love our school as much as we do. Thank you. 

Meet the Staff

A video to help our students transition to life at Baskerville School. 

All of our staff are friendly and approachable. We all look forward to meeting you and helping you transition into life at our school.

Tour of the School

This video takes a tour around our school where you will find lots of different facilities. 

A Tour of our Grounds & Complex Needs 

We are really proud to have such fantastic grounds. This video shows how lucky we are to be blessed with such great outdoor spaces

 It also visits our complex department, 'Discovery', where we have the facilities and staff to benefit all of our students specific needs.