Hereford's favourite PUB quiz

BAR WARS - Podcast now available! Check out 'Takeaway Trivia' on all good Podcast platforms.

We're Back!

Grab your best quiz pen, assemble your brainy friends and get ready for War. Hereford's favourite pub quiz returns to MFA Bowl on Sunday 15th August 2021.

Mor info soon!

Takeaway Trivia - BW PODCAST

We can't invite you to join us for a pub quiz right now but how about some Takeaway Trivia?

It's Bar Wars - in a Podcast for you to play at home. You make the rules, we just give you the questions!

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Pointless End Game

Our new End Game is utterly pointless. Shamelessly cashing-in on the popular quiz show we ask you just one question. If you can give us the least obvious answer you win the jackpot.

Easy? Check out the incorrect guesses so far!

20th Anniversary

On 27th February 2000 Bar Wars was born.

The venue was Park Bar, Cheltenham. A student union bar at the University of Gloucester. Between 2000 and 2002 the Bar Wars pub quiz entertained students across three of the university's campus and then, when it should've been the end, it found a new home at a bowling alley in Hereford - where it continues to this day.

In celebration Bar Wars will be celebrating the decade of its birth with '00s Wars' on Sunday 1st March 2020.

2019 Champions

Congratulations to Quizzle My Nizzle who have held on to their title of Tim Evans Cup winners for a record-breaking five years in a row.

This now makes them the most successful Bar Wars team ever defeating both Four Up Top & Doctor & The Medics two year runs.

Will they make it six? The 2020 battle is on!


You've asked for Bar Wars t-shirts. You've requested quiz on your pants and you've wished to wear your wafers with pride. Now you can.

Bar Wars merch including t-shirts, mugs and baby grows is now available.


Congratulations to Sean Jolly off of Super Nintendo Chalmers who become the winner of Bar Wars' largest ever solo attempt jackpot.

Jolly managed to defeat our Play Your Cards Right end game in June 2018 to bag £750!


Congratulations to Well, We Tried who have become the winners of Bar Wars' largest ever jackpot - £800.

They successfully defeated Wars Mania on 26th November 2017 by guessing 'Meck featuring Leo Sayer'. Here are all the guesses from 2017's infamous End Game.


How's your team doing in our annual ranking of quiz scores? Find out on the 2020 Tim Evans Cup

CURRENT CHAMPS - Congratulations to Quizzle My Nizzle on winning the Tim Evans Cup for 2019. The cup confirms their status as the team that won the quiz the most times over the year. You can check out the full details on the Tim Evans Cup Page.