Thank you

Over the years many wonderful people have helped steer the good ship Bar Wars. Here are some of the thank yous we owe to them.

The Hereford Wars

In 2003 Bar Wars came to Hereford with a top secret, invite only test run - many thanks to all of you who attended that. In 2004 it was then commissioned to run every Sunday at TGS Bowling - here's who made it happen!

David Edwards & Ellen McGrath - Gave the quiz a shot when it could have failed miserably.

Amy Kirby, Sammy Bushell, Angela Partridge, Kate Forshaw, Kelly Dallison, Rene Naya, Neil Simpson - Our wonderful line up of markers over the years. All of these have brandished the red pen at some point, some more than others but we're equally grateful for your help!

Jennifer Oldman - The third host in the original re-launch team & Leon's wife, all your love & support.

Mark Bridges - The 'forth' member of the launch team contributed loads of great ideas behind the scenes and was a great help for when Ed wasn't available.

The CJ's - What a team, present at the first Hereford Bar Wars and were regulars 300 editions later.

Ian Davies & Epic Up Top - winners of the first Tim Evans cup in 2007 and still attending ten years later. Love the enthusiasm and support you've always had for the quiz.

The Only Way is Hereford - another long-term regular team. This amazing bunch often come to charity wars and have had an amazing quiz career appearing on the TV shows Eggheads and The Chase. So proud of you!

Darren Vose - Bar Wars' first super fan. Thanks for your ideas and the music that's helped the quiz sound better than ever!

02 Hereford - Arranged for load of freebies to be given away - including 2 mobile phones! Many thanks. If you need a phone buy one from them!

TGS Staff - They put up with Bar Wars every week but are always friendly, despite the fact its ruined what was once the quietest night of the week! Thanks for ideas and the rounds you've written too. Including Emma Robinson's hardest rounds ever!

Lee Chadwick - with out you it would never have been! Many thanks for helping to give me my DJing break at Park Bar back in 2000 and hey, no hard feeling about some of the bad times. A shame we never had the big grand finale we'd imagined but Bar Wars lives on and you'll always be a part of it!

The Cheltenham Wars

Over the two years that Bar Wars was part of the regular entertainment at the University Of Gloucestershire we worked hard to keep it afloat. Each time its future looked threatened somehow it bounced back. In some cases it is through the help of the following people, but mainly it's thanks to the students at University Of Gloucestershire that attended Bar Wars and gave us a reason to keep going. Thanks to all the Bar Wars regulars who competed during its run between Feb 27th 2000 - March 10th 2002 and 86 editions!

Ian Pain - The SU President 2000-2002, the man the legend, he always loved the wars and we love him. He has gave us many opportunities to shine and we hope we didn't disappointed. The best president the SU ever had!

2001-2002 Sab Team - Taffy, Ian and the gang were always regulars, and Ross had to suffer the piss royally being taken every Wednesday from Lee & Leon as one of the boxmasters.

2001 - 2002 Ents Team - Many happy memories of this lot in the final year - all the work done on the Xmas & Rag balls and various SU events & demos - fond memories of getting pissed in London & Bristol and stealing a table with Sue Strainge! Justine Spencer - love you to bits! Thanks for the memories!

Will Spooner & Sarah James - many thanks to Will for driving Leon to the locations and helping to mark. Also thanks to Sarah for helping with writing.

Chris, Paul & The Park Bar Team - always there to find us some goodies to give away.

Chris Tarren - our boss. So we'd best thank him.

Chris Chatterton - A great help in the early months through lending microphones and general advice. He's still got some of Leon's CD's but we don't care!

Sarah Griffiths, Ruth Sutherland, Nick Dean & Ibby - Again great support in the early months, most of the original Bar Wars was done on Sarah's laptop. Nick & Ibby were a great shoulder to lean on when Leon had Glandular Fever.

Ed Owen and Neil Hates Plymouth - the sort of team we love, not afraid to be verbal and appreciate Bar Wars for what it is, an excuse to have some fun!