One of the discoveries we made when researching pub quizzes to create Bar Wars back in 2000 was that most had terrible sound quality.

Usually the host had a dodgy radio mic and tinny PA system, or simply resorted to shouting. Most lacked atmosphere and usually just consisted of an old geezer mumbling a few questions from the bar. We wanted to change that. A decent quality sound, and some great music between rounds to help create a good vibe.

We took it a step further by having dedicated 'theme' music for each round, sound beds over which our quiz master would talk.

For some reason, it works and, just for you, we've compiled a Spotify playlist of the best of Bar Wars.

FAQ: WHY The Littlest Hobo?

So why do we finish every Bar Wars with The Littlest Hobo theme tune? Truth is, we simply don't know - we did it at the first back in 2000 and it stuck. Back then though, in the dark days of dial-up, it was hard to find a copy of the original theme tune and we had to resort to Scooch's cover instead. Now we proudly end with the original Terry Bush version.