End Games

The games to beat to win the money!

If the Final Fling goes undefeated we roll out one of our trusty End Games. Here's a list of the challenges that you may have to face if you wish to get your hands on the cash.

The end game

The original Hereford Bar Wars end game back in January 2004 - we give you a question and a list of 10 possible answers - pick the right one and you get the jackpot.

Play your cards right

Like the game show we work through a pile of cards. The team decides higher or lower. Which ever team gets the most cards wins. Was used in the first ever Cheltenham Bar Wars in 2000. Is the second most used End Game in Hereford after Lucky Strike.

Lucky strike

A pub quiz in a bowling alley... why did it take us three years to do this?! One ball, if your team gets a strike the money is yours.

The 101 challenge

Nicking Bullseye's End Game we first ran this throughout spring of 2007. Get 101 with between 3-6 darts and the money is yours!

Floaty McFloatface

You have 60 seconds to stack a tower of five empty soft-drink cans on a swimming float in a tank of water. Not as easy as it sounds... First appeared at Bar Wars in May 2013.

Go the distance

In 2013 we unveiled this game. You use a tape measure to drop ping pong balls into shot glasses from increasing distances. All in under 60 seconds.

Play it safe

One plastic safe and a two-digit code is all that stands between you and the money. Debuting in August 2004 this popular End Game makes an annual return every summer. When this end game is in play you'll find incorrect guesses on its dedicated Play It Safe page.

Wars mania!

We ask you a question and hidden under the Wars Mania board are five answers - if yours matches our you win whatever value is attached to that question. (First appeared March 2006) Whenever Wars Mania is the end game you'll find a list of the guessed on the Wars Mania page. Wars Mania was responsible for Bar Wars' biggest jackpot to date when team Well, We Tried won £800 on 26th November 2017.


20 yellow ducks, one hides the jackpot - can you hook the correct mallard? A new End Game for 2019.

The blow job

Can you blow a ball, from its plinth into a plastic box exactly 15cm away with just one breath? Do it and the money is yours. First featured in the Quiz when it returned from its forced fire hiatus on June 10th 2012.

Beat the clock

One stopwatch, all you have to do is stop it bang on 10 seconds to win the cash jackpot. There was one problem with this end game, debuted in February 2011 - the players defeated it every week!

Oooh, What A Lovely Pair!

Debuting on 18th Feb 2007 Oooh What A Lovely Pair features a board containing 25 squares. Your job it to find the pairs. Do so and you win whatever the pair is. It could be a wallet, Baseball cap, football, and cash! There is, however, a twist. Some of the squares are Red Herrings and the board is controlled by the mysterious 'Dealer' who occasionally gives us a call...

Truck of luck

After 2 years of Pull My Cracker we decided that Xmas 2006 should feature a new End Game. With Coca Cola removing the famous Trucks from their Xmas advertising we decided Bar Wars should fill the hole. On December 3rd 2006 the Bar Wars Truck Of Luck rolled into town. It features 24 drawers one of which contains the jackpot. Can you find it?

The buzzer game

Get our pointy stick around the metal wire without it buzzing. You have 90 seconds... it's easy isn't it? (First appeared Easter 2004 and wasn't beaten until September 2005!) After a long time with no appearance this game returned to Bar Wars in January 2010.

Wars fortunes

A revised edition of Mania for 2007. This time the answers are taken from genuine surveys - unlike Mania which we just made up. Can you find the least popular answer to win the jackpot?

Treasure hunt

New for August 2006 was this game. We had a huge treasure island and all you had to do was locate the treasure hidden under one of the squares.

Strike it rich

What is a hotspot not? Yes get across all 10 columns without revealing more than 2 hotspots and the cash is yours. Look out for those crafty questions though. Top, middle or bottom! (First appeared September 18th 2005)

Repetition competition

Just repeat a series of 10 words back to us, in the correct order without hesitation or a mistake and the cash is yours. First appeared in Spring 2005 and was never beaten.


The tower of power, used very, very rarely but when it appears we promise you'll be on the edge of your seat.

Pull my cracker

The Xmas Endgame where we lay out 50 Xmas crackers one of which contains the cash. Pull it and it's yours! There is a new years variation where Xmas crackers were replaced with party poppers. Used over Xmas 2004 & 2005 but retired since then.

And the duds...

Over the years we've experimented with the End Games. Some ideas have failed spectacularly including:

The tube

A massive cardboard tube and a twist on the classic school fete 'Splat the rat' format. The quizmaster drops an object down the tube - you have to splat it on the bulls-eye. We trialed this end game in January 2011. It didn't really work....

More tea vicar

A pile of cups is unveiled, all you have to tell us is how many cups are there in the pile? Used once, never again….

Blow me

Sixty seconds to blow over 20 paper cups with just one balloon. We thought it was impossible... we thought wrong. It was won three weeks in a row in 2013 before being retired.