To play Bar Wars all you need is £1. All players must pay £1 therefore if there’s five on your team you pay £5. (Simples!)

A maximum of six players are permitted per team.

A normal round consists of 10+ questions and there are seven rounds in each quiz.

The first six rounds will be accumulative. The team to score the most points over the first six rounds win the gallon of beer! If there is a draw we move onto one of the random Tie Breakers.

Any opinions aired at Bar Wars are not those of MFA Bowl or host venue.

Use of mobile phones or wearable tech such as Google Glass during the quiz is prohibited - see ‘Cheating’ below for full terms.

The quizmaster's decision is final and all rules are subject to change at any time.

Cashpot rounds

The Final Fling (final round) consists of fifteen questions. In order to win the minimum jackpot a team must answer thirteen or more questions correctly. If no team scores thirteen in the Final Fling we play the ‘End Game’

In the event of a draw on ‘Final Fling’ we will play a random Tie Breaker.

End Game

All participating team names are put into a hat and pulled out at random.

The selected team comes to the front of the bar and is asked to play one of our various End Games. If the End Game is completed successfully the team wins the money. We guarantee that if the money is not won at least three teams will get to play at the End Game - time permitting we will allow a few more teams a go.


Vital Statistics

For Vital Stats the quiz master will read out a question which has a numerical answer. Eg ‘Number of accidents involving slippers that took place last year’. The team captains of the teams that are playing off must write their guess of the answer on a piece of paper. Whoever’s guess is nearest to the correct answer wins.

Vital Statistics is our standard tie breaker but if time allows we will occasionally torture the teams with a number of other deciders including Top Trumps, rock scissors paper, paper plane contests and more. These are entirely at the quiz master's whim.


On special occasions we will play ‘Wonga’ a giant version of Jenga…

You will take it in turns to remove a block from somewhere in the tower and place it at the top of the tower. You can touch as many of the blocks as you like but if you actually start to move it you’ve got to stick with that one. As you’re moving the blocks you must not steady the tower, It’s got to be a single hand type affair. If during your go you drop a block, knock any on the floor or topple the tower you are out and your opponent has won. We will flip a coin to find who decides if they want to go first or second. If anyone disobeys rules the opponent automatically wins. The quiz master's decision is final.


Use of mobile phones and wearable tech to obtain an answer is frowned upon at Bar Wars.

The quiz is a test of what YOU know not how fast you can Google. Therefore we ask that while a round is taking place you put your phone away. If you are seen using a phone while questions are being asked - even if the phone use is innocent - your team will be yellow carded and 5 points deducted from your totals.

If you repeat the offence and are caught a second time your team will be red carded and eliminated from the quiz without any refunds.

Use of a mobile phone during the Final Fling results in instant disqualification.

Any other form of cheating will be dealt with in a similar manner.

Last updated 16 July 2017 - your house will be at risk if you do not abide by the rules.