The Hosts

Leon | Feb 27th 2000 - present

Writer and host of Bar Wars since 2000, across four different locations and over 700 editions. He co-created the quiz simply as a way of relieving boredom at university on Sunday nights. (There was no such thing as Pornhub back then). Bar Wars soon became a staple of early-00s student life at the University of Gloucestershire before it moved to the bowling alley in Hereford in 2004.

Leon is a proud geek and lover of all things Doctor Who, Star Trek and Roller Coasters.

When not quizzing Leon's voice has been put to good use on Sunshine Radio, Like Radio and a number of radio commercials across the world! He also hosts the brand new Bar Wars Pub Quiz Podcast - Takeaway Triva

Mark La Mark | 2007 - present

Some people say if he went on Love Island they'd all be pregnant. Others say he marks the quiz in his own blood. Mark is our ultimate marking machine...kind of. After some time away from the Wars he returned to regular marking duties in 2011 and had been manning the wobbly table ever since.

Since his return to the Wars Mark has also taken on writing duties often contributing picture rounds, 54321s and even writing the whole quiz. He often provides track 10 of the music round from the darkest recesses of his music collection.

When Mark's not quizzing he's a proud member of the Scouts and keen supporter of Gloucester Rugby Club.

The MFA Bowl Mole | 2012 - 2018

Tim was brought in by the new head-office to ensure a smooth transition from TGS to MFA Bowl. We soon corrupted him and educated him in the way of the Wars. TGS forever! (Either that or he's an amazing double agent).

Tim filled in for Mark on the odd occasion that he had a life. Now that Mark is married, he doesn't.