Principal Investigator

Amir Barati Farimani

Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Courtesy Associate Professor in Biomedical Engineering

Courtesy Associate Professor in Machine Learning

Courtesy Associate Professor in Chemical Engineering

Courtesy Associate Professor in Material Science and Engineering

Carnegie Mellon University


PhD: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Mechanical Engineering 

Post doc: Stanford University

PhD Students

Dule Shu

AI in Numerical Methods 

Read about Dule

Francis Ogoke

AI in Additive Manufacturing 

Read about Francis

Kazem Meidani

ML in System Identification and Physics Discovery

Read about Kazem

Cooper Lorsung

Machine Learning in Physical systems 

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Zijie Li

AI in PDE Surrogating

Read about Zijie

AI in Additive Manufacturing and Design

Read about Yayati

Janghoon Ock

Molecular Machine Learning

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Alison Bartsch

Machine Learning for Complex Robotic Tasks 

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Olabode Ajenifujah

AI in Material Discovery and Additive Manufacturing

Read about Bode

AmirPouya Hemmasian

AI in PDEs and Surrogate Models

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Abraham George

AI, Metaverse and Robotic

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Peter Pak

AI and AM

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Anthony Zhou

Master Students

Akshat Chaudhari


Materials and AI

Akshay Badagabettu


Robotics and AI

Jonathan Chan


Robotics and AI

Naman Choudhari


PDE and AI

Sai Sravan Yarlagadda


Robotics and AI

Selam Gano


Robotics and AI

Danush Sadasivam


LLMs and Molecules/Proteins

Vignesh Menon


Robotics and AI

Aayush Shah


LLM and Protein Design

Dion Xia


LLMs and Molecules/Polymers

Rushikesh Zawar


LLMs and Molecules

Tirtha  Vinchurkar


Language Models and Catalysis

Reid Graves


Swarm Robotics 

Srivathsan Badrinarayanan


AI and Multimodal Protein Models

Ash Chandrasekhar


AM and AI

Ying-Ting Yeh


AI and Semiconductor

Dalen Hsiao


AI and Multimodal Protein Models

Arvind Car


Robotics and AI

Garima Chib


AI and Protein Conformation

Chad Merrill


Generative AI

Kaiyu Guan


AI and Multimodal Protein Models

Research Staffs and Interns

Desmond Kuan

AI and Biophysics

Generative AI

Akshay Raman

AI and Robotics

Prakhar Bhardwaj

Generative AI


Nihar Trivedi

AI and Protein

Izabella DeReno

AI and Robotic

Siya Scindia

Machine Learning in Protein Design and Simulation

Alexis Sudjianto

AI and Robotic