Master Students Alumni

Julie Lin

AI and Robotics (2019-2020)

Data Scientist at Schlumberger

Yufan Zhang

ML and Material Discovery (2018-2020)

PhD student at CMU

Changlin Jiang

Deep Learning and transport phenomena (2018-2020)

Software Engineer at ANSYS

Juan Carlos Vargas

AI and Robotics (2019-2020)

Start up Company

Malhar Bhoite

AI and Robotics (2018-2020)

Robotic Engineer XYZ Robotics

Deep Learning in Facial Physiological Learning (2020-2021)

Data Scientist at Oculii

Deep Learning in Catalysis and Material Properties (2020-2021) ChemE

PhD student at CMU

Machine Learning in Molecular Biology/Chemistry (2020-2021) ChemE

Data Scientist at Nvidia

Deep Learning in Protein Design and Generation (2020-2021) ECE

Data Scientist at PictorLab

Ruchit Doshi

Machine Learning in Manufacturing (2020-2021) MechE

Data Scientist at Alectio

Pranshu Pant

Machine Learning in Turbulence Flow (2019-2021)

AI Software Developer at Mathworks

Lalit Ghule

Artificial Intelligence in Manufacturing (2019-2021)

AI Software Developer at Ansys

Akanksh Shetty

Deep Learning in Design, CAD and Manufacturing (2019-2021)

Applied AI Scientist at Innovative Numerics

Machine Learning in Signal Processing/video processing (2020-2021)

Software Developer at Junipers

Undergraduate Students Alumni

Bryant Porras

Artificial Intelligence and Robotics


Graduate student at CMU

Nina Prakash

Heat Transfer and Machine Learning: (2018-2020)

Graduate student at Stanford

Visitors and Interns Alumni

Wei Hu

Deep Learning in Environmental Applications (2019)

Job: Data Scientist at Duke Energy

Kai Ge

Deep Learning in Transport Phenomena (2019)

Job: Software Engineer at Blackrock

Si Wang

Attention Models for Video Captioning (2019)

Job: Software Engineer at Facebook

Junhan Li

Deep Learning in Protein Design (2019)

Job: Graduate Student at CMU, ECE

Yang Zhao

Artificial Intelligence in Manufacturing (2019)

Yuting Shi

Machine Learning in Material Science

Machine Learning in Facial Physiological Features

Job: Goldman Sachs, NYC