What happens in June, 2019?

A question that we are often asked is, "What will you do with the bandages after you complete your goal?" There are a few possibilities. The directors of the Anne Frank house in Amsterdam suggested that after being on display for a year, that we donate a million of the bandages to a refugee camp. However, ultimately, my students need to be comfortable with the end results. This year, several of my students told me that they do not want the bandages used because each one has a name on the package and to do that would be a dishonor to the children killed. I see both sides and understand positive reasons for each.

Right now, an artist is creating a giant plexiglass bandage container that we will be able to have all 1.5 million bandages inside. I am working with several museums as well as a possibility of creating a museum for this display. The bandage bin will be two bins side by side both 24X48X60 There will be four pieces of plexiglass. The front pieces will be etched with Anne's picture on one side with bandages. The rear will have the names of all my students through the years etched.

I truly believe that the right choice will happen as people all over the world hear about our project and it is completed.

I truly believe that there is a reason for everything! It suddenly hit me while my students were asking some amazing questions..."Why has it taken 11 years to complete our project?" There were over 11 million people killed during the Holocaust! One year for every million people killed! It gave me chills!!

Sneak Peek at our Bandage container coming to life!! 5 Days to countdown!! OH MY!!!! 5/31/19

Amazing bandages sent from Ms. Kovar's students!