40 classroom challenge! Are you ready for your name?? June 5 is our deadline! Thanks to everyone who helped us reach our goal!!

6/18: We are looking for 40 classrooms or individuals to secure 10,000 bandages each! We would love to include your classroom, you personally, your school, whatever the case may be in our Bandage Project! Bandages can be purchased at the .99 store for a box of 100. We can purchase those if you do not have a .99 store in your area. I have suggestions for lists of names to be written on each individual bandage as well. Please help and be a part of this historic project. Together we can make this historical project complete! 21 more to accept this 10,000 bandage, or $100 challenge, and we will reach our goal! Just think, if even 10 Twin Rivers Schools would jump in and participate, we would be almost there!!

Boxes of 100 for $1 are available online: https://www.hollar.com/products?utf8=%E2%9C%93&keywords=bandages

Here is a link to names that can be written on each bandage. Make it a school challenge! Thank you! https://www.ushmm.org/wlc/en/a2z.php?type=idcard&cat=0

1) Sarah Boland's class from Epstein Hillel School in Marblehead, MA 6/12/18 (11, 591 bandages)

2) Tina Hughes-Corben and students (CA) 15,466

3) Julia Gordon and students (CA) 12,957

4) Bill Jullian, Houston, Texas (16,000)

5) Shannon Kane Kush's class at Valley View High School in Ca (10,018 arrived on 2/25/19)

6) Anonymous donor on Donor's Choose from Ca 20,000. Yippee!!

7) Oakridge Upper Elem. Jennifer Fairweather, Muskegon, Michigan (10,000.goal) 4,035 on 5/28 4,016 arrived on 6/1/19

8) Northern Parkway, New York (goal of 10,000....) 7,100 arrived 5/17/19

9) University of Central Arkansas (goal of 10,000) Heather Harmon 10,090 5/30/19

10) Rotary Club of El Dorado Hills (goal of 10,000...to be coming soon) 9,000 arrived on 5/22/19

11) Carroll Elementary, Elk Grove, Ca (9,000 on 4/11/19) 10,000 on 5/31/19 19,000 total!! :)

12) Sarah Boland's 2018/19 class in Marblehead, MA (goal of 15,000) Final total: 11,071

13) WE Charity donation of $250. (25,000 bandages!)

14) Christine Burke Honeycutt's Key Club at Keema High Ca 10,082

15) Kenny Williams ASB Student Leadership, Renaissance Leaders, Jr. FW's, 6th grade Senate Council, CA (20,000 goal to be coming..) Nothing arrived. :(

16) Jessica Diric, Torah Academy of San Antonio, Texas. San Antonio's only Jewish Day school. (goal of 15,000 to be coming soon.) 15,000...Plus, Dominican Republic, Israrel, Mexico and Japan. :)

17) Julia Gordon and Tina Hughes-Corbin another time to help! 11,418 arrived!! 3/13/19

18) A HUGE one! Danny Kole of Koleimports is donating 40,000 bandages! To be written on by Long Beach area Synagogues! arrived, we wrote and counted them! :)

19) Woodlake Elementary led by Tracy Haysbert's class (Agnes and Glendy Luluga), Rebecca Jones, Katreena Tolentino, Heather Shepherd, Mary Durbrow, my students together reached the 10,000 bandage goal

20) Jonah Rosenthal Bar Mitzvah project in Sacramento, Ca (goal of 10,000) 10,000 5/30/19

21) Sarah Wheaton's family, Sofia Wheaton (Tolerance Kid 2018/19) 9,000 bandages

22) Karen Bloom, Piedmont Middle School "No Place for Hate Coordinator!" Piedmont, Ca (goal of 10,000) 5,000 arrived on 6/4/19 5,500 more on 6/6/19

23) Some wonderful person sent 10,000 to my house this weekend. Someone else sent 400!! Yeah!!

24) SPED department at MCOE 8,070 bandages...5/20/19 close to the 10,000 :)

25) Emek Hebrew Academy, Los Angeles, Ca...Shannon Bennett (memory of Sol Teichman) (goal of 10,000 to be coming soon) 10,006 6/3/19 arrived!

26) Ramona Haass, my sister, 10,000 bandages 5/31/19 :) 1,000 on 6/3/19

27) Erin Gruwell and Freedom Writer Family: 6,240 bandages 6/3/19














Torah Academy of San Antonio sent us 15,000 written on bandages and a shirt representing Texas! Thanks so much!!

Jolan and Jonah Rosenthal 10,000 bandages Heather Harmon ELSE-UCA 10,090

10,000 from someone awesome

400 from a kind person

Chris Bennett from CA dropped off 346. YEAH!!

Karen Burnat's students wrote on 9,000 so far! (CA)

University of Central Arkansas hard at work! Torah Academy of SA, TX collecting and writing up a storm!

CCAA with 12,957..... 20,000 from Donor's Choose WE Charity sent $250! (25,000 bandges!!)

Temple Ahavat Shalom and Ms. Kovar's Holocaust classes have sent 8,135 the last two years! Amazing students!!

How do people find out about us? I address hundreds of envelopes a week. My students write hundreds of letters each week! :)