How can YOU help?

Together, you all helped!! Thank you so much!!

How is the easiest way I can help? 1) Ask everyone to bring in one box of bandages, open them all, put them into a large manilla envelope and mail. 2) Throw in a couple of bucks and we will go purchase a box of bandages, 100 for each dollar! Thanks for every single bandage that leads us closer to helping 1.5 million children rest in peace. 700 Southgate Dr. Sacramento, Ca 95815

How else can we help? Bring a box of bandages with you when you go to the MOT. Take the name of your passport child and write their name on each single bandage. Put the "named" bandages into the container for us to count toward our total. Watch the tally chart grow.

Get a group together on your campus, collect bandages, write names on each one, take them to the Tolerance Museum, or mail them directly to us. Challenge each other to see who can collect the most bandages. Participate in the 40 classroom challenge!

Some of our Original Tolerance Kids: OTK... Adrian and Michelle (both graduates now!)

Parents, students and family coming in to write and count!! Final days!!! OMG!!! 5/30/19

My first Bandage class! Creating our first mural and counting bandages. These kids have all since graduated high school.

Freedom Writer Teachers who sent us bandages using the self addressed envelopes my students addressed.

Counting and receiving bandages.

Sometimes bandages and money show up in the mail with no return address. Our mystery friend, Dana Gray! A lifelong helper. Thanks Dana!! We love sending thank you notes, so don't forget to let us know who you are!

Through the years there have been tons of trips to the .99 cent store, the dollar store and Wal-Mart to purchase bandages. When we first started, I was able to order 500 boxes at once. Then the dollar store discontinued the boxes of 110 bandages. I then went to Wal-Mart for years and was able to order cases of 500 boxes at a time until they discontinued them too. Before they discontinued them, a worker gave me hope to continue. After picking up several orders of 500 boxes, he finally asked, "I'm sorry, but I have to ask...Why do you order so many bandages at a time? Are you a nurse?" I told him the short version of our Bandage Project. Then I expressed my "frustration" that we weren't already at our 1.5 million bandages. He was fantastic with his response as he said, "I know why it isn't complete!" Please, enlighten me! "You are NOT finished because this Project needs to be experienced by more than one group of students. If it finished right away, only one group of kids would be a part. This is BIG, more students need to be a part of it!" I've held his words in my heart and realized that he is right. 2017 saw this totally realized as Teddy Glozman heard about our project. He was being bullied at his school in Southern California when his mother, Liz (A special Bandage Angel) went to talk to her local Rabbi. The Rabbi showed her a letter written by Natasha explaining our Bandage Project. Our Bandage Project gave Teddy inspiration and motivation and a reason to go back to school. He now had something bigger than he. Teddy alone contributed over a 100,000! This year he is committed to helping us as well.

Fifth and sixth graders working together to write on bandages. (Gonzalez and Tolentino's classes. 2017/18)

Our 2nd grade buddies helping us write on bandages. Sisters helping write on bandages.

Class of 2018/19 Eriyana bringing in bandages