States and Countries

ALL 50 STATES AS OF 1/29/19!! DC and 22 countries too!

After 10 years, we were only short Utah, West Virginia, Arkansas, Wyoming and Delaware. April 30, 2018 we received this generous donation that gave us 18,000 bandages from Utah! Only four more states to have received bandages from all 50 states! Now have received from all 50 states! Thanks!!

We have received bandages from Canada, Germany, Amsterdam, Austria, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Ireland, South Korea, Greenland, Indonesia, Fuji, Australia, Holland, Israel, Phillipines, China, Dominica Rebublic, Mexico, Japan, Peru, Columbia and Italy as well. Special thanks to Linda Hobbs!

(September 28, 2018: Thanks to Rabbi Jee Blair of West Virginia we are down to only three states!! Arkansas, Wyoming and Delaware we are eagerly waiting! Wyoming has come through!! Now, we only need Arkansas and Delaware to have received bandages from ALL 50 states! 11/18 Arkansas sent 180 and UCA is working on our 40 classroom challenge! Now we are down to only Delaware!! 1/29/19 Delaware sent bandages!)

More countries would be fantastic as well!

Reinout Dubbleman 290 bandages from Holland! An amazing letter and 137 bandages from Israel!!

Delaware sent 433 bandages. Thanks to Linda Hobbs we now have bandages from Australia and Fuji!

Torbjorn Ydegaard sent us the world's longest bandages and 12 others from Greenland! :)

TX, OH, WV, MI (5,293 bandages) Temple Israel, Charleston, WV (3,600)

Indonesian bandages!! Thanks Joanna! Judy Morrison in Utah sent 1,000!!

UNIVERSITY OF DELAWARE (259) Glendy and her mom CA (1,000) Sofia and her Delaware bandages.

Wyoming High school in Cincinnati, Ohio. Love receiving letters like these! Thanks!!

SPED of MCOE (8,070) Hutchison High Alaska (1,093) Los Gatos High (1,203) Northern Parkway (7,100)

Northern Parkway in Long Island, New York working on their 10,000 bandages challenge.

Arkansas sent 180 bandages! Yeah! Sierra College, Rocklin, Ca brought us 1,600 bandages! Hawaii sent 200! Henry Wright (GA) 1,189

Larry and Allison Hyatt sent 2,500!! (CA) Dr. George, Ahava Torah (OR) 200 bandages

University of Wisconsin Brigham Young University sends 280 bandages and goodies. (Utah)

Colorado sent 6 bandages A supportive Mom brought in bandages too! (480)

Marjory Stoneman Douglas High in Florida sends 1,391 bandages and an amazing letter. (17 killed 2/14/18) Names of those killed in PA on 10/27/18

Alaska sends 7 bandages. Hawaii helped again!

Thanks to Joyce Baxter we received 50 bandages. More from Ca! Steve Rousseau's family in Wyoming, we have Wyoming! (Magdeleno family)

University of Wyoming sent bandages! Vermont Law School sent bandages!

Las Vegas bandages Indiana University Bandages!

University of Las Vegas University of Indiana!

Yeah West Virginia!! 3,600 bandages from Temple Israel Rabbi Jee Blair!

Tommy Walker from Dublin, Ireland hand delivering his 175 bandages to our project.

After 10 years, we have almost received bandages from every state. April 30, we received an amazing donation that purchased 18,000 bandages from Utah! This puts them on the map! We now only need to hear from: Wyoming, West Virginia, Arkansas and Delaware. We have also recently received 6,000 bandages from the Director of the Anne Frank House, Jan Erik, in Amsterdam. Everyone is welcome to send bandages, but if you live in Wyoming, West Virginia, Arkansas and Delaware, we especially need your help! Thanks! Tolerance Kids 700 Southgate Rd. Sacramento, Ca 95815

Bandages from Sarah Boland's class in MA!

Manuel and 1,800 from Michigan