Our friends: Survivors, Authors, Athletes, Chefs, Director of the AF house.

Original Bandage Kid: Patrick Edwards (2008) Ran into Patrick again!! (2019)

Governor's Office coming to give me an accomodation! Wow! Dutch Consulate attending our Community Night!! Yes! 9/17/19 My docents!

Interviewing with the Freedom Writers for their Podcast on Young Students making a difference in our world.

Erin Gruwell: Freedom Writers Erin, Margrit Polak: child of survivors (much more) and her daughter Sofie

Amy Poehler & Meredith Walker: Smart Girls at the Spirit of Anne Frank awards.

Renee Firestone and Betty Cohen: Survivors Henri Landswirth: Survivor Betty with her daughter Hedy

Taro Ari: 1st generation American chef DeMarcus Cousins: basketball star

Jan Erik and Dienke Dubblemann, directors of the AF house Matthew Boger: Facing Fear

Jaime's favorite day: having his diary signed by Jan Erik. My first bandage class meeting survivors: 2008-09

Survivors: Inge Auerbacher, Betty Cohen, Dienjte Adkins

Mr. Friedman, a 100,000 contributor!

Dientje Adkins, Holocaust Survivor who lives in South Carolina.

Renee Firestone, survivor

Betty Cohen sharing her Holocaust number. Elly Berkovits Gross, author, child survivor.

Judie Panneton's parents (survivors) Jay Ipson (survived 6 months in a potato hole)

Inge Auerbacher and Natalee Bozenna Gilbride and students

Betty Cohen (survivor of Mengele) Cathy Aldrich and Hedy (betty's daughter) Erin Gruwell (2012)

Karol Blanar (survivor) Sierra College mentors helping. (2011)