Starting with firmware version 16 for Nokia 8110 4G, offline versions of apps are available that allow you to manipulate the device using a shell from your PC:

  • Telnetd
  • ADBroot
  • Wallace

These apps can easily be installed using WebIDE or OmniSD. Like any app for KaiOS them are written in JavaScript, HTML and CSS.

Installing them is not risky for the device, but the use you make of them can be:

it is your full responsibility knowingly using these apps! Use at your own risk!


by speeduploop

In the past on the Nokia 8110 4G to run a root shell we needed to use scripts to insert in /data/local/tmp and to execute using a link from the browser. This was possible thanks to a security hole present in all the firmware versions prior to 14 (never released in the West perhaps for this reason). This discovery may have illuminated the developers of KaiOS and then released a few months after firmware updates 15 and 16 (KaiOS 2.5.1). In fact the new update disables access to navigator.kaiosExtension, an extension for Gecko used in HMD and TCL firmwares to control some system functionality (click here for more informations).

  • tnroot (video) uses busybox over telnet, then after the installation you need to perform the command busybox telnet localhost to get the root shell;
  • adbroot is more direct, because you can use a root shell directly after adb shell.

Download one between tnroot or adbroot, in the following example replace the word "SCRIPT" with one between them:

1) perform the commands

adb push SCRIPT /data/local/tmp
adb shell
cd /data/local/tmp
chmod +x SCRIPT

2) open the following url in phone's browser: http://localhost:8080

3) click the button on the phone's browser to confirm (for adbroot this will close "adb shell")

4) perform the command:

  • For adbroot you have to re-open adb shell;
  • For tnroot, that doesn't close the shell, just perform busybox telnet localhost

These scripts are currently useless if you want to still rely on certain extensions, especially if these have been disabled with new updates, but read the scripts and modify them based on the use you make of them and based on the device you use it for, you could be successful in some way.

Happy Hacking! ;)


All the guides of this website are adapted for the use of busybox, assuming that you wants to use a telnet-based root shell (Telnetd) using OmniSD, but we can get root in a easier way using Wallace or ADBRoot. Using them you don't need to write "busybox" or "busybox telnet localhost" and where is needed just write "exit" one time.

TELNETD by speeduploop

First root app, it uses the busybox telnet localhost command to start the root shell because works on the telnet client-server protocol.


Just click to enable/disable an adb shell with root privileges for Nokia 8110 4G and other devices with busybox included.


Noir-style rooting app with the potential to work on phones without busybox, since it carries its own unzip binary and uses its own resource loader function.