(extreme/unsafe method that blocks updates)

1. Make a backup of your existing "hosts" file: adb pull /system/etc/hosts

2. Copy and paste the content of this page into a file named "hosts". This is the official StevenBlack's file from the "hosts project, the more complete and updated blacklist of unwanted websites. For more details visit the official project;

3. CUSTOMIZATION (optional), if you want you can edit the list just adding unwanted sites into the following space:

# Custom host records are listed here.

# End of custom host records.
# Start StevenBlack

Adding the line you can remove annoyng ads from the official KaiOS's store, but this can cause problems when you want install some kind of apps, like WhatsApp. Use this extension at your own risk. I personally don't need it, I don't use official KaiOS's apps :) visit the B-Hackers Store for hundreds alternative apps;

4. Put the file on your SD card;

5. Enable the debug mode (*#*#33284#*#*);

6. Get a temporary root access. Remember, the following commands are written if you use Telnetd app, but you can get root in a easier way using Wallace and ADBRoot. Using them you don't need to write "busybox" or "busybox telnet localhost" and just write "exit" one time:

adb shell
busybox telnet localhost
mount -o remount,rw /system
cp -f /sdcard/hosts /system/etc
adb reboot

7. Done! Now your web pages are faster...and without ADs!