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OmniSD is required to install each third-party app and enable development tools in KaiOS.

Here are the two safest ways to get OmniSD on your device:

This is the simplest and safest method, possible thanks to the natural properties of the devices and its operating system is based on Firefox OS. Learn more about Sideload on debugging.

In this section you will find two different procedures, all you have to do is patching the userdata.img file of your data patition from your PC in EDL Mode:

  1. Normalizing the partition to work with ADB and the DevTools;
  2. Installing OmniSD directly.

This method is safe and does not interrupt official updates and is necessary when the device is blocked by the OEMs.

In any case it is not necessary if your device is able to debug, in which case refer to the official jailbreak method.

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