The sideload of third-party apps belongs to the nature of Firefox OS

which is the heart that beats and moves KaiOS.


install OmniSD using WebIDE, perform a "privileged factory reset" to get the "Developer" mene and install your apps wherever you want!

how to prepare a userdata.img file by including useful tools or directly OmniSD, before flashing the data partition in EDL mode.

allows you tu get the usual suite of Firefox's DevTools to examine and modify, run, installing and develop your apps from the PC.

an XPConnect-enabled JavaScript Shell and a console application that lets you run JavaScript code and sideload apps.
Unfortunately not all KaiOS devices have the same possibilities. To help users better understand which of the above methods is more suitable for their device, we have classified KaiOS devices based on 3 difficulty levels:
SIMPLE - ADB & DevTools: dial *#*#33284#*#* to enable the debugging USB, a bug icon should appear in the taskbar;MEDIUM - ADB & DevTools: dial *#*#33284#*#* and after *#*#0574#*#* to enable the debugging USB;HARDCORE - No working codes: use EDL Tools and you can flash a patched data partition, then get root.
Some devices can execute the sideload of applications by entering one or two codes in order to debugging (as for the various Nokia, Positivo and Energizer) as nature wants. Being able to access adb only is often not enough (as in the case of Doro and some Alcatel). With the correct firehose it is possible to flash a data partition with the tools or applications we need (for example in Jio Phone and CAT B35).Based on the research and feedback received by the hundreds of users from the BananaHackers community every day, we are able to provide to the end users who wishes to develop their apps with a complete list of devices suitable for the sideload, directing them towards more certain purchases under this point of view.


There is an unsafe method that installs OmniSD on the system partition and permanently blocks official updates. This is a package to be run in recovery mode, then it works without PC.