Vintage Bikes

Vintage Bikes for Ladies

Is there anything quite as traditional as a stunning vintage bike being pedalled along a high street, or around the local suburb?

We don’t think so, in fact we’re so confident that you won’t find anything quite as authentic-feeling as vintage bikes that we’ll raise you four rubber wheels.

Oh wait, there are penny farthings, but who has access to one of those anymore (unless you’re in a circus).

What is a vintage bike?

A vintage bike is less of a thing and more of a style.

They bear a very strong resemblance to the bicycles of old – when our great grandparents would travel miles between their own home and their friends’, with a basket of muffins on the front of their bike.

These bikes are typically referred to as ‘Dutch step-through bikes’.

Why, you ask?

Well, have you noticed that when mounting a regular bike, your upper leg will need to reach an almost horizontal angle before it can be placed onto the other side of the bicycle?

Well, vintage bikes negate that need, being all the more lady-like in the process.

Because of the frame being lower it’s possible to raise your leg ever so slightly and then place it down on the other side of your bicycle without exposing yourself to the elements – or to any keen onlookers.

But there’s more than just the functionality – there’s the style, too

When people think of bicycles it’s not uncommon for them to envision mountain bikes that are well-known for traversing steep paths and rocky hills, or racing bikes that dart around corners at an alarming speed in an effort to take first place.

Vintage bicycles are different because although they can be used for travel, it’s their style that really sets them apart.

Have you ever noticed in old war films where the residents of a town would travel from house to house on the back of a comfortable, quaint looking bike?

Back then these models were the norm, but nowadays they are called vintage or retro bikes - and they can certainly be a fantastic way to bring a bit of authenticity back to our roads and paths.

What do they have to offer?

For all intents and purposes these bikes are fully functional and many of them feature gears. Those that don’t, like classic and lite models, will typically boast their own features; such as more comfortable saddles, or a more durable handlebar.

The main reason that people buy these types of classical bikes is because of the way that they look.

You might imagine that as a result, manufacturers focused a little less on the quality or the reliability/ performance of their models – but that simply isn’t true.

When buying a vintage bicycle you will actually be receiving an effective mode of transport that is as functional as it is reliable, with the added bonus of being able to enjoy a more traditional aesthetic.

But that’s just one type of vintage model out there - there are others! Even 100 years ago cyclists were able to choose from different types of bike such as vintage roadsters, or esprit models that could be an effective way to get around with a little more haste.

The great thing about these types of bikes is that they bring a lot of history to the table (or road/ cycle path) for a very affordable price.

They might not be ideal for racing, nor for riding up a mountainside – but they are certainly an appealing, quaint way to travel and are enjoyed by thousands of people in Australia every year.

If you’re keen to learn more about vintage bikes then why not take a look at a few models? There are some that are perfect for children and others that are suitable for teenagers and adults. Women’s vintage bicycles in particular can be very appealing as they often bring their own unique atmosphere to the table, but men’s alternatives such as the roadster can be just as enjoyable.