Bikes for Women

Best Bikes for Women

If you’re currently looking for the best bikes for women, why should you have to settle for a male-orientated model?

It’s not all about the colour or the shape; in fact, women’s bicycles can be just as versatile as men’s and in many instances, they can be even more unique and lavish.

What makes a good women’s bike?

Generally speaking, all bikes should possess a similar set of features and functions.

They should be comfortable, reliable and most importantly – affordable.

Whether you’re looking to buy your loved one a gift, or if you’re an avid athlete that’s in need of your next tournament-level bicycle; you’ll undoubtedly want to know a bit more about the types on the market.

The Comfort

The majority of saddles featured on women’s bikes will be designed with comfort in mind.

If you don’t like the idea of riding an old-fashioned wooden saddle then fortunately you won’t have to – regardless of what the men in your life might tell you!

Some advanced saddles feature memory foam that shape themselves to the contours of your posterior, allowing you to ride in comfort whether you’re making a quick journey, or taking a longer trip.

The Style

Not all bikes for women are intended for adults, in fact some are better suited to children and adolescents.

In these cases you’ll probably appreciate the fact that many manufacturers offer stylised alternatives to the regular male-orientated colour schemes and aesthetics.

These types of bikes might possess a different shape than normal options out there, including handle bars that feature additional curves, or boast a more simplistic appearance.

For mountain bikes it’s not uncommon to find extra handles that can be ideal for cycling uphill – although many can be modified to all but replace the original pair.

Furthermore, many bikes will come in female-centric colours without sacrificing on the quality of their construction in the process.

These tones and hues can include pinks, purples, whites and many other shades, allowing you to ensure that you can find a bike that will meet your (or your loved ones’) preferences.

The Features

Most bicycles aimed at those over the age of 5 or 6 will feature gears as standard. These gears can be a great way to build muscle, increase endurance – or to cope with particularly steep hills in an easier manner.

Features come in all shapes and sizes however, from baskets and holsters for drink bottles, right through to lights that can be placed on the spokes of wheels and much more in between.

If you like the idea of buying a unisex bike and then modifying it in a way that emanates femininity, you’re in luck!

Plenty of bikes come pre-loaded with feminine features, but even those that don’t can stand to benefit from accessories and gadgets to really set your bicycle apart from the crowd.