Types of Bikes

What Types of Bikes Are Out There?

If you’re thinking about buying a bicycle then the chances are that you already have an image in mind.

To be honest – beyond two wheels and a pair of handle bars, bikes can be ludicrously unique in their style, size and even shape.

That’s good news for you, especially if you don’t want to settle for a regular bicycle and would prefer something a little more fit for purpose.

So, what’s available out there exactly?

The Common Types of Bikes

The first thing that you need to know is that there are DOZENS of unique types.

From those that can make the perfect first bike for a beginner, right through to tandems, tournament quality bicycles and much, much more in between.

So, without further ado, why don’t we get to know a little bit more about some of the most popular bikes that might be of interest?

Mountain Bikes

If you’re a fan of hiking on foot, then why not try traversing your local hills with your very own hybrid mountain bike instead? These types are sturdy in their construction and often feature heavy duty wheels to be able to cope with on and off-road expeditions.

Tandem Bikes

If you plan on riding with a friend or family member then why spend your hard earned cash on two bikes when you could buy one? Tandem bikes offer a unique way to get around, with one person controlling the direction of the journey and both sharing the responsibility of peddling.

Traditional Bikes

If you’ve ever seen a traditional bike then you’ll know exactly what we’re talking about. These bikes usually feature a variety of functions taken from mountain bikes, racing bikes and even off-road bikes (or BMX bikes).

Racing Bikes

If you take part in sponsored tournaments then you will undoubtedly need a racing bike to act as your trusted companion. These bikes are lightweight and rely on a strong steel to ensure their integrity. Furthermore, they can often reach incredible speeds and rely on race-specific tyres.

Foldable Bikes

For the racers out there, or for anyone that prefers to avoid carrying a big two-wheeler around as they board a train or book a cab – foldable bikes could be the ideal solution. As their name might suggest THEY FOLD, allowing you to open them up, ride them securely and then fold them up for easier transportation.

Gender-Specific Bikes

If you’re really keen to set yourself apart, or if you have a husband or wife that already has a bike and you’d like to join them on their adventures – then why not choose a gender specific bicycle? They have his and hers towels, so why not bikes?