Hybrid Bikes

What are Hybrid Bikes

For years now our pets have been combined with one another and even our cars are following the same routes - but why is that? Because hybrids can really bring the best of two worlds together!

And when it comes to travelling, hybrid bikes are certainly experiencing a rapid increase in popularity as the years go by.

It doesn’t matter whether you love being in the great outdoors, exploring all that your local forest or mountain has to offer, or if you work in the busy Central Business District within Melbourne – a good bike can go a long way, but a fantastic one will take you even further.

What are hybrid bicycles?

In a nutshell, a hybrid bike is a unique type of beast; one that combines the luxury of comfortable city travel with adventurous off-roading features.

Being part city bike and part mountain bike has a lot of advantages – and whether you commute to work on a daily basis or enjoy taking to the hills to explore all that there is to see; a hybrid could well be the bike for you.

Why might you want one?

Think of it like this for a moment.

Let’s imagine that you decide to buy a mountain bike because you love visiting the nearby valleys and hills, but you simultaneously get fed up of the high petrol costs associated with driving to work.

As a result, you decide to take your mountain bike to the road to minimise your expenses whilst working on your fitness.

Sure, this can work for a while – but as most mountain bikes are heavy, solid modes of transport it probably won’t take long until you begin feeling the strain of cycling along flat roads.

Likewise you might buy yourself a city bike that’s intended for road and cycle path uses, but then feel left out when your friends go to the mountains for a camping trip and bike ride.

The truth is that your city bike will be designed for city life, whilst your mountain bike will be best suited to off-road adventures.

And that’s where hybrids offer so many more unique rewards.

Often enjoying a lighter weight frame whilst possessing a sturdy, solid steel construction; these types of bikes can withstand even the most extreme of punishment whilst off-roading.

But when it comes time to leave for work, their robust design will merge effortlessly with the appealing potential of a regular city bike, allowing you to change gear at your convenience, or manage your speed without having to wear yourself out in the process.

What makes them different?

It’s not just their hybrid nature that makes a model almost instantly recognisable – it’s their appearance, too.

For a start, the handle bars are lowered allowing you a much greater level of control when cycling on the road, or even racing downhill and around tight corners.

And as the handles can be adjusted it can be possible to extend their length and then enjoy a much simpler incline when riding up mountains and steep hills.

The purpose of a hybrid is to make your life easier. They are just as affordable, if not more so, than their regular equivalents - and because of their reliable nature they can last for years (if not decades) with minimal fuss or maintenance.

A good hybrid won’t just be an effective way to get around – it should also be an asset to a person’s life, allowing them to enjoy their spare time and leisure activities, whilst remaining functional as a service bike, too. There are dozens of models on the market, many of which feature unique functions such as curved handlebars for mountain riding, or even dual options to allow you to chop and change between the way that you enjoy your experience.