E-bikes, or electric bikes as they are commonly referred to, are a unique mode of transport that many consider to be hybrids between regular bicycles and engine-powered devices such as mopeds.

What are e-bikes?

Generally speaking electric bicycles, booster bikes, or power bikes work in the same way as traditional bicycles; albeit with a slight twist. They can include gears, brakes and all of the other features found on normal bikes, but they also incorporate a unique electric motor that can be used to provide additional support whilst pedalling, or propulsion when a little more speed is required.

Many people use them for commuting around the city - and because of the potential to minimise the effort required to cycle, they can be an ideal solution for those that aren’t huge fans of tiring themselves out before work, or want to enjoy a leisurely ride with minimal fuss. They can be pricier than typical bicycles however, often being the most expensive a person can purchase before entering the ‘engine’ category.

Where can you buy them from?

In most cases, an electric bicycle will cost between $1,200 and $3,000 depending on the brand and the quality of the design. The electric motor is an optional feature as far as usage goes however, and it requires a charging session every so often (typically within a few days of use) to keep it functional. As a result, many manufacturers supply compatible bikes without the motor to allow for modifications. This can be fairly complicated to install, so plenty opt for the ready-made models instead.

Buying an e-bike online can be one of the quickest ways to do so and with internet prices often much lower than store-bought alternatives, many people turn to the web to purchase their models and then have the supplier take care of the shipping to minimise their hassle and expense.