Buying a New Bike

Your Guide to Buying a New Bike

If you’re currently losing sleep over the thought of buying a brand new bike, you’re not alone!

Every year, thousands of Australians in and around Melbourne decide to buy bicycles in an attempt to get fit, minimise their carbon footprint, or just for the sheer pleasure that goes hand in hand with riding a bike.

Sure, there might be hundreds on the market - and heck, a lot of them might have titles that you’ve never even heard of - but don’t worry, as we’re here with your guide to buying a new bike.

Don’t sweat the small stuff

Are you planning on spending several hundred dollars on a bike and then leaving it to gather dust after just a weekend?

We thought not and that’s why this is the first factor that you should consider when buying a bike.

If you’re planning on using it often, why not save yourself the stress of worrying about the cost?

If you want to use your car less, you’ll be saving on petrol each year - and that extra cash could help you to get your hands on a world-class model for just a bit extra.

Don’t stress yourself out - is one of the most important things that you’ll hear from us.

Buying a bike is fun; simply give yourself a budget, take a look at the models available in your price range and then pick one that suits your needs. Easy as pie.

But there are so many models!

Okay, so you might be feeling a bit daunted right about now, especially as bikes have different names such as tandems, mountain, racing, BMX, vintage and so on.

To simplify things for you, forget their name and just focus on what they do.

Are you an avid racer that enjoys riding at high speeds? Then a racing bike might be the ideal one for you.

What about those of you that enjoy the great outdoors but can’t be bothered to walk uphill? A mountain bike might be better suited in this case.

If you prefer style just as much as performance, then a gender-specific bicycle might be the right one for you – or you could opt for a vintage bike to bring a bit of tradition to your suburbs’ streets instead.

It’s all up to you really. Don’t rush in, don’t punish yourself and choose a cheaper model if you want reliability and performance - and definitely don’t pick a bike that you aren’t 100% happy with!