Pacific 231, Arthur Honegger: Pleyela Piano Roll Scan

Post date: 28-mar-2019

Pacific 231, Arthur Honegger: it was probably performed/recorded the first time on a Pleyela Piano Roll.

Perhaps from the composer himself or at least with his supervision.

The collaboration between the University of Pavia (Pietro ZappalĂ , Faculty of Musicology of Cremona) and AMMILAB have allowed us to scan and listen this roll.

And thanks to the research work of Edouard Reichenbach.

This piano roll is from the Antonio Latanza collection.

The annotations were made by Broadway (a playerpiano concert artist) in 1991, almost an analysis or at least an alignment of the holes to the lines of the edition, probably as a preparatory study for its execution.

It is obtained from the last queue of the roller - visible in the scan