2018 Updates

Sunday - September 16, 2018


Welcome to my site. I'm Aisha.

You're most likely here because you're interested in saving some owls. Burrowing owls, to be exact, as saving all the owls would be ironic. Larger owls kill and eat burrowing owls. If you've mistaken the owls with the ear tufts for the burrowing owl, and perhaps have gifted them to me to show your support, I forgive you. We are all of the light and the dark. Whether we're good or evil is a matter of the perspective of those we affect. No animal wants to die. Well, except maybe if they're depressed, and even then one could argue that this is only a passing state of being. Pain has purpose.

I've been helping Phil Higgins, a biologist who works for the City of Mountain View, to save the burrowing owls in Shoreline Park for the last 2+ years. The primary cause for their decline has been the destruction of their habitat caused by human land development, but its been exacerbated by climate change. Both Google and Microsoft are building new offices on either side of their home in Shoreline Park. We call it Burrowing Owl Billows. In hopes to offset this onslaught, I've organized volunteers to plant and maintain California natives near the owls' nesting site to encourage the proliferation of their prey-base. We suspected doing so would increase their population. So far, it has. When we started this project, there were no owls nesting at the site. This summer, 2 owls coupled up and gave birth to 8 chicks. There is hope! ✨

The project is called The Guardian Project. It begins by putting your own hands in the Earth to heal it. It expands by sharing our progress towards regeneration with California, and then the world. You'll find all the journeys, tools, resources, and support you need here to join in. If you're feeling particularly inspired, particularly motivated, I invite you to expand our efforts in your local community. Discussion board coming soon.

World Peace is the destination. What that looks like is the journey to get there. It will be ever evolving, ever improving, ever increasing. More love. Less suffering. More connection. Less isolation. More God. Less doubt. Amen.


Aisha with an πŸ‘οΈ

Upcoming events


    • Description: Whenever the non-native invasive plants start to threaten the California native plants we've planted, we go out to pull them, ideally before they seed. It's a therapeutic, satisfying experience that will leave you invigorated yet grounded.

    • Time: 8am, Thursday, September 20th, 2018

    • Duration: 1 Hour

    • Location: Burrowing Owl Billows (Shoreline Park)

    • Requirements: Age 18+, wear close-toed shoes and pants, bring sun protection (hat + sunscreen), gloves and tools will be provided

    • Volunteer limit: 5

Rock Painting

    • Description: To get the kids involved, and to further beautify Burrowing Owl Billows and educate ourselves and others about what we're doing here, we are going to paint flat rocks with the names of the plants at the Billows to label them.

    • Time: TBD

    • Duration: 2 Hours

    • Location: TBD

    • Requirements: $20 per participant (proceeds will go towards the 4th Planting). All ages allowed, but children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult. Rocks, paints, and brushes will be provided.

    • Volunteer limit: TBD

The 4th Planting

    • Description: I've been fundraising during the summer to purchase plants for our 4th planting. We're planning on purchasing gum plants and white buckwheat, since they seem to be flourishing the fastest. The money we raise we also be used for providing you with a vegan breakfast, lunch, and snacks, as there is no point in doing this work if every living thing dies from the planet overheating because of what we eat.

    • Time: Friday, November 16th

    • Duration: 4 hours + lunch afterwards

    • Location: Burrowing Owl Billows (Shoreline Park)

    • Requirements: 18+

    • Volunteer limit: 12 (8/12 spots available)

      • Currently confirmed: Aisha (me), Jen, Jose, Justen